can you get FM all of the sudden?

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by motif, Apr 20, 2009.

  1. motif

    motif New Member

    I mean in your forties?
  2. rockgor

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    I think so. I developed CFS w/o any apparent cause or warning.

    I was 40. My symptoms gradually got worse and worse. Less energy, more
    insomnia, more depression, more brain fog. After a few years had to reduce work
    hours to half time.

    Some folks here report an infection or surgery or trauma that preceded their FM
    or CFS.


  3. motif

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    thanks, I'm not sure if I have it but since everything else looks OK like CT scans, blood tests,
    MRI and I tried almost every natural therapy without success I thought about FM.
    Although I don't have muscle pains too much to be honest, some abdominal pain sometimes
    but nothing severe. My main problem is fatigue, tingling, dizziness, weakness in legs and arms,
    anxiety attacks. All these symptoms appear to cycle, so I have sometimes few weeks that I feel good. Other thing is I'm am sensitive to wet, windy weather. Is there any definite test for FM?
    or it is one of those undefined disease like candida, chronic fatigue etc.
  4. fibromickster

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    Yes, you can. I did. When i was about 41, just a few years ago, I was still as active as I was in my 20's playing 3 nights of softball and just running around everyone. Sometime in June I fell down my basement steps and landing flat on my butt so hard on the ceramic tile which jarred my whole spine and it was so weird I could even feel crawling all the way up to the tip of my head.

    Well I was sore for a few days after that but just kind of blew it off and started playing ball again. After that it all went downhill, after every game i played i felt like it was the first time i played ball. You know, where you muscles are so sore because you havene't used them in awhile, i would also get cramps really bad in my legs, so I finally had to quite.

    I couldn't do anytihing anymore. I finally went to a doctor a few months later and did every kind of test imaginable and that is what they came up with, Fibro and psoriatic arthritis. I hate this DD with a passion. I miss playing softball so bad and coaching for that matter. I also coached my daughters fast pitch team for 8 years and had to quite that too.

    Good luck and hope you get the help that you need.