Can you have a flu shot if you've had EpsteinBarr?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by KarenZee, Nov 15, 2006.

  1. KarenZee

    KarenZee New Member

    I mentioned to a friend that I was getting a flu shot this week and she said don't get one if you've had Epstein-Barr. Can anyone shed light on this? I've never heard this before.
  2. Kimba4318

    Kimba4318 New Member

    wondering the same thing. I have EBV and lost of other crud. I personally am NOT going to get it. My immune system is so weak, I am just convinced that it will send me into a flare.
    Been meaning to as my Rheumy for advice though.
    I will keep and eye on this thread.
  3. Bobfmsmcs

    Bobfmsmcs New Member

    Many people have their first problem with CFS / FMS after having some type of vaccination. Perfectly healthy before and devastated after. Presence of Epstein Barr may be an irrelevant factor.
  4. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi there,

    I was dxed about 20 plus years ago with EBV and finally got dxed about 6 months ago with FM/CMPS, etc. (about time, don't you think?)

    I have always gotten flu shots and I can thank them, I think for not getting so many bronchial infections, pneumonia, etc. I did have one episode about 1-2 years ago. I used to get them all the time , almost every year about this time. I hae been getting the flu shots for years and none of my docs have said not to.

    However, there are many strains of flu, getting the shot does not necessarily keep you from getting one of them. However, you might get a weaker case.
    I think the docs think it is a great idea - esp if you are prone to respiratory infections.

    Talk to your doctor but mine seem to think it is a good idea.

    Lots of warm hugs,

    Marilyn (that Granni)
  5. lenasvn

    lenasvn New Member

    Most people have had EBV. Maybe it's if EBV have turned chronic that a flu shot is questionable? Anyways, I keep flu shots at arms length. I am not going to risk a major flare, and if I DO get the flu- so be it I guess,,,LOL!

  6. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    I've had two major flare ups of EBV, once when I first got sick and again three years ago. I've gotten a flu shot every year with no problem. I did not have an active infection when I got the shot(s).

  7. Tiggereh

    Tiggereh New Member

    Hi all,

    My doctor at the FFC had recommended getting Flu Mist, versus the shot, due to the fact that there may be a connection between the shot and flares, start of disease, etc.

    Flu mist is a vapor type thing that you inhale, and it apparently doesn't give as much protection as the shot (maybe 75% versus 90% was what doc said) but may be an option to consider. It it's absorbed into your system, but rather gives protection by things that are inhaled in your nose/sinus area.

    Again, I'm not as knowledgeable as I should be on this but wanted to share in case it was useful to you.

  8. jg004o6371

    jg004o6371 New Member

    sorry but dont know what epsteinbarr is never heard of it,but my doc says having flu jab is good for us fibro sufferers bcause our immune system is weak so we need to have it bcause it could get worse if we dont bcause of all the germs that go around this time of year,and we could make it worse if we dont so its up to us if u want it or not,every person is different,im having it at the end of month,

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