Can you have a flu shot if you've had EpsteinBarr?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by KarenZee, Nov 15, 2006.

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    I mentioned to a friend that I was getting a flu shot this week and she said don't get one if you've had Epstein-Barr. Can anyone shed light on this? I've never heard this before.
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    Most people have had EBV, 95% or something around there. I don't know if it makes a difference if you have chronic EBV= mono.
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    I wouldn't worry about getting one. My son has EBV in his system (inactive) and has CFS but we had him get one. He is OK but did get a little flu bug- don't know if it was related to the shot, because 2 or 3 weeks had passed.
  6. i got the flu shot in october this year and also went on to develope flu roughly 8 days after the had flu 3 weeks before having the flu shot ive put the second bought of flu down to the shot.

    the second bought of the flu (after the shot) was a bit nasty,but i had read on this site that we with fibro/chronic fatigue syndrome might have a bit of a bad reaction to the shot as our immune system isnt working properly.

    i have the shot every year as i dont want to end up hospialised with full blown flu.the shot prevents that at least.

    ive never been ill after a flu shot before.and even though this years shot made me ill,i think it might have been because my body wasnt properly better from the first bout of the flu id had (before the shot)

    im getting confused myself now haha

    what im trying to say is..

    have that flu poorly as i felt after having my shot,i was still able to go to work.i wasnt bed bound.and last week,at work.i heard a woman with the most horrible chesty cough,she was getting distressed about it too,as everyone was looking in her direction.ive never heard coughing like it,well not since my 16 year old was a baby and poorly with the flu.

    so now im thinking to myself..well this woman has coughed her lungs up in my atmosphere lately.and im thinking thank goodness that i chose to have my flu shot again this year.

    whatever she had,i dont want it.but if i get it,hopefully ill be well prepared and not have to be hospitalised.

    take care

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