Can you have both FM and RA?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Amyd, Jun 12, 2003.

  1. Amyd

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    I have just been told that I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. My PCP and I both thought that my symptoms were more like FM. I have no redness or swelling, just pain in my wrists, hips and legs and a lot of fatigue. My appointment with the rheumatologist isn't until Aug.!! Can you have both FM and RA? He gave me Bextra until my appointment. Anyone else taking this? Thanks for your help
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    Although I do not have any of the arthritis conditions, I know others who have both FM and several forms of arthritis. FM can co-exist with many other health problems and can have many overlapping symptoms.

    It is a very tricky condition to diagnose, so I would keep a journal of some type on all the different symptoms you experience, to take with you when you see the rheumy. Your doctor should have already run all the remaining tests to rule out everything else but the RA. The rheumy will need those results also.

    And, I would recommend calling the rheumy's office now to ask the manager or nurse if that rheumy sees and treats patients with FM. If he does not, then maybe you have time to get a referral to another rheumy who does. In the long run, it can make all the difference. :)
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    Luckily, the treatment for both is very similar often.
    Neither can be cured, but the symptoms with a compassionate Dr, can make them Liveable and more!
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    Which Dr. told you that you had RA? Did they do a Blood test first? or are they just thinking it's a possibility.

    I was dx by my Rhumotologist, with the FMS, but she runs Labs on me 3 times a year, if not more, to check for Inflammation and other Condition's such as Lupus, and MS. So I also get MRI's regularly, having one this am, as a matter of fact. They are the easy test's, no needles, just cover my eye's with a cloth, put in my Ear Plugg's, they stayin better than the spongy ones.

    Then I just spend the time in Prayer, and sometime's I do drift off.

    I sometimes feel like I have some swelling in my knee's, but that's more from OA, which I do have. Fun huh? NOT!
    I have to take a cane withme, cause I also get Buckling knee which can come with the FMS. The leg just goes out from under me, or I'll go to take a Step, and the leg dosen't move, I have fallen quite a few time's, but not as much when I have something to hold on to.

    I also have Cyst's on my finger's and they are deforming them too, but it's not in the joint area, just next to the nail and below the first joint. Sure can Hurt like crazy.
    It's due to the OA.

    Good luck at your Rhumotologist Appt. I love mine, she is so Sweet, understanding and she is Rated tops in her Field here in the So. Ca area. So I am in good hand's, also a plus is she is Younger than me, I don't want a Dr. that'll be older than me, cause they usually Retire, and then I have to go looking agin for a good Replacment.
    So remeber that, Young, Doctor's, but not to young, they should have some Seasoning behind them.

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    I have FM/CFS, advanced degenerative disc disease with nerve damage and multiple back problems, severe asthma/allergies, osteoarthrtis, psoriatic arthritis, IBS, and rheumatoid arthritis.

    I have the RA in my hands and the back of neck/shoulder & hip area. Besides pain meds, I went through alot of anti-inflammatories which either did not help, ate my stomch up, or caused internal bleeding. None of which helped the inflammation.

    Finally, I was put on 20mgs of Bextra in the evening right after I eat dinner, and I have noticed a considerable benefit from the Bextra--it even helps the RA which many anti-inflammatories do not.

    Hope you get good results from it. Blessings, Carol....
  6. Mikie

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    If one has FMS long enough, one will eventually get OA.

    Go to The Roadback Foundation website. Docs on the cutting edge are now treating RA with antibiotics, the same ones used to treat FMS.

    Love, Mikie