Can you have Gout without pain

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    My son was told he had gout. But he has no pain, everthing that I have read says gout is very painful. Can this be true to have Gout without pain?
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    Yes one only has pain when one has an attack of gout when the attack is over they still have gout but the pain is gone.

    When the attacks first start they usually will only start in one joint the big toe (more often than not) and last for a few days.

    The attacks can lasts longer and become chronic as time goes on.

    The Merck Manual Home Edition -- which is free online -- has a lot of useful information that you may find helpful.

    I am sorry your son has this condition but at least it was caught early and with the help of you physician you will be prepared for it.

    Here the Merck Manual site:

    My dad has attacks of this and yes it is very painful. He eats a lot of black cherries which help lower the uric acid level. If that is the cause of your son's gout you might want to look in to it.

    Best of luck,

    Karen :)
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  3. 139864

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    There may be different forms of it ,but,I think if you have Gout ,you soon know about it .
    My brother had " tennis Elbow " first years ago .has since had gout twice .. couldn't bear anything to touch it .
    The diet is more a matter of what you are not allowed to eat eg .. beans, gravies ,peas etc . than what you are .
    Best wishes
    Brenda uk

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