can you help me madwolf please?

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    Hi Madwolf

    I hope you dont mind me asking this of you. Ive seen your posts and you seem so understanding and knowledgable about this illness. I have fibro.
    When you have the time, would you mind looking at my post entitled 'still no rheumatologist or pain meds.' Ive had a couple of replies from two kind people but wondered what you thought, from a docs point of view. Do you think more could be done for me? Im getting desperate just lately..

    Thank you so much, you are a godsend to this room

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    Thanks for that, boy theres a lot of information there. Most of the stuff you mentioned ive never heard of i must admit. I think i need a translation! LOL
    He said my blood tests came back normal apart from i had a high level of white blood cells.???? He said not to worry about that.
    I could get some magnesium and calcium myself i guess, but all the other stuff you mentioned, i suppose i need from the doc. Im sick of fighting this battle with him, he assures me hes doing all he can and that there are no more meds for me to take. I told him i was cryng with the pain at the weekend but he said take a swim or a walk. He said painkillers wont help me one bit. Hmmm. I sure could down a few tonight!!

    Thank you

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    Second opinion time in my humble opinion. -Karen
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    Some of these things require prescriptions. The colostrum and a good probiotic containing acidophilus (Jarro-Dophilus) are sold on this website. The whey protein is also an excellent immune enhancer and is sold here as well.

    Many of us do better on a low-carb diet.

    The learning curve is huge in the beginning so don't let all this overwhelm you. This is an excellent place to learn.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Mandy

    I don't have FM but do have CFS and I live in the UK. If you can find another GP, for the time being at least you need some pain relief. Then slowly work through some of the info on this board regarding water, sea salt, diet, supplements, medications. Take your time it will all seem very confusing at first.

    I too worked in schools for students with emotional and behavioural problems, but no learning difficulties though a few were dyslexic; I was a teacher. Don't know about you but I loved it, very challenging but oh so rewarding. I also appreciated the value of teaching assistants, couldn't have done my job without them.


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    I think you need a new doctor. He just doesn't want to deal with the complexity of this illness. There ARE meds you can take to reduce the pain. I take Effexor and Neurontin, and over the past few months I haven't had to take pain meds hardly at all. Now, as far as the walking goes, in a way he's right. If at all possible, it's a good idea to do some exercise. It doesn't (and shouldn't) have to be strenuous, but it will help stretch your muscles and give you that endorphine "high". Start slowly at first and don't over-exert yourself. As someone said here, FMS is a complex illness and there's a lot you can do to help yourself. Finding a doctor who will work WITH YOU is an important part of this.

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    Thank you all very much, the information on this site is mammoth! My heads spinning with the talk of all these supplements and pain meds etc. I had no idea this illness was so complex.
    Sorry if i sound negative tonight, but im very close to just throwing my meds in the bin and just giving up! Just want to curl up in the corner and disappear for a few years!!
    This is all becoming too much for my foggy brain to take in..

    Thanks, you really are wonderful people