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  1. carebelle

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    I've been gone for a long time but lately I feel the fatigue comeing back.I told my husband I always feel like I'm dragging alot of wet cloths around I'm so tired.I can sleep for hours and then get up and feel like Ive not even been asleep.It gets worst each day.Its so hard to even get up and get dressed .What do you do to help the fatigue ?????Thank God the pain hasnt come back like it use to but I need energy to have somewhat of a normal life.
    My housework is really lacking and that gets me upset with myself and then the ball of depression gets started and then before I know it Im on a merry go round and cant get off.What do any of you do to regain your strength?I take vitamins and omega-3 and an antidepression.Zoloft
  2. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    but I have found the CoQ10 sold here at the Pro Health Store to really help me a lot. I don't need near the sleep I used to. I used to sleep 12 to 14 hours and still not want to get up, but now, I do well with 8 to 9 hours of sleep.

    I can't say I feel that much better during the day, but it is really helping me at night and I sleep a lot better too. I don't take any meds for sleep, just Xanax before I go to bed.

    I take the 50 mg. of CoQ10 sublingual, but sometimes I take another one in the evening. This is the only dietary supplement that has really made a big difference for me.

    Hope you will feel better.

  3. pemaw54

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    is to take a nap each day. Some days I sleep 2 hrs and like yesterday I slept 4hrs. and then felt much better. Are you sleeping at night? Thats my problem. Im up and down all night. Last night I had the best sleep in mths. I take 2 nortriptalyne at night to have a deeper sleep. I cant see much help most nights. This morning, God graced me with a pain free morning. Thank you God. First one in almost a yr

  4. mbofov

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    Get your adrenal glands and thyroid checked. Many of us have weak adrenal glands, which can be a major source of fatigue. Mine were diagnosed by a chiropractor who does muscle testing, it was very accurate, and he gave me Drenatrophin PMG by Standard Process, an adrenal glandular product, which helped a lot. Do a search for "drenatrophin" on this board, many here have taken it.

    I don't know how "regular" doctors test adrenal function, or if they even do it. You might look into a naturopath as well.

    If your adrenal glands are weak, a good B vitamin complex and extra pantothenic acid are necessary, as well as go very easy on caffeine, alcohol, sugar and eliminate stress as much as possible.

    Have your thyroid checked. There are lots of posts on thsi board about thyroid functioning, even when the tests come back "normal".

    Read "From Fatigued to Fantastic" by Jacob Teitelbaum, it has lots of good information.

    Other things that can help: Magnesium and malic acid, or magnesium malate; CoQ10 as someone else said; l-carnitine; calcium pyruvate; NADH.

    Good luck - you will probably need to do research and experiment, and but definitely check out your adrenals and thyroid.

  5. kbak

    kbak Member

    Sleep makes all the difference in my energy level. If I don't get enough sleep, I can't function. I do take raw thyroid and adrenal glandulars, and know they make a big difference in my energy level. I would not be able to function without them. Pacing myself makes a difference too.


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