can you recommend a good pain medication?

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    I should probably have mentioned that I'm new to this board but have had Fibro since I can remember - just didn't know what it was until about 1997.

    I have Fibromyalgia and have been having alot of pain lately. I take 500 mg Naproxen every morning and I know that it works to some extent because when I've been unable to take it (prepping for a test or whatever), I've felt noticeably worse. But it's not doing the job by itself, either. I've had a lot more aches and pain that I used to.

    Sunday I was in a lot of pain after doing the Making Strides for Breast Cancer Research walk and I couldn't get to work on Monday. I also had a rebound headache from the tylenol with codeine I'd been taking for the pain. I get migraines quite frequently.

    I have an appointment with my regular doctor next Tuesday and I want to see about getting a different pain medication. Do any of you have any suggestions for one that works really well on Fibromyalgia pain?

    Any help/suggestions are most appreciated. Sometimes with this doctor I feel like I have to ask specifically for what I want or I don't get anything.

    Thank you for your replies so far!!!!
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    I take several medications for pain, although I am still not pain free, unfortunately. I am lucky to have finally found a doctor who is willing to aggressively treat my pain, but FMS pain is tough to treat as you have found.

    I take Kadian, Lyrica and Cymbalta. The Kadian is actually morphine and a narcotic so your doctor may not be willing to prescribe it. Morphine has helped my sharp, shooting pains, but does nothing for the dull, achy pains. I am on a low dose of the Kadian, but am at the point where I need to go to a higher dosage (been on it for two and a half years). The problem is the side effects if the dosage is raised-nausea is a problem for me.

    The Lyrica and Cymbalta do help somewhat with pain, but again, not so much for the dull, achy pain. Cymbalta is actually an anti-depressant, but it is also helpful for pain.

    My worse area is my neck, right shoulder and shoulder blades-they hurt all the time. I see my doctor later this month and am going to ask him about trigger point injections. I talked to some of the people in my support group and they have had some success with it. Any relief in this area, even temporary, would be wonderful.

    When I lay down for my naps or at night, I put ice packs on my worst areas. Numbs the area, which is a help. Warm, moist heat feels good, too.


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    I have a recumbent bike that I got in August. Was using it dilligently for awhile then got away from it. I think it helped me sleep but that's about it. Then I had an accident (an argument with a stubborn weed that caused me to fly into my garage door) and I was too sore to do anything for awhile.

    I still have a treadmill but the doctor who treated my broken foot last year doesn't want me using high impact exercise machines.

    I should probably also mention I take 60 mg. prozak for depression and anxiety and 100 mg diaspramine for sleep.
    I don't think they're pain killers though.