Can You Say Systemic Serous Hypoperfusion?

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    This is a lot of information to read through so you might want to copy and read through later. It is very interesting and I have found some of it to be true through experience.

    F I B R O M Y A L G I A


    These things were previously unknown about Serous / Lymphatic Fluids, Fibromyalgia, Interstitial Fluid, Hyaluronan, etc.
    We discovered all of them during the course of my illness and treatment:

    1. Fibromyalgia symptoms are the result of Systemic Serous Hypoperfusion.
    (Bodywide, Clear Fluid, Insufficient Flow).

    Serous Fluid (clear fluid called sera, plasma, interstitial and synovial fluids, vaginal lubrication, spinal fluid, saliva, cerebro-spinal fluid, lymph, etc.) throughout the human body should be constantly feeding, rinsing and lubricating all cells.

    It is produced by the arteries and flows from the arterioles to the arterial capillaries.

    In FMS, the fluid correctly oozes from the arterial capillaries into body tissue, but there it becomes trapped or slowed. It is too thick to efficiently leave body tissue through the lymphatic capillaries, get into the lymphatic duct and on.

    2. In FMS, Hyaluronidase, the enzyme that controls the characteristics of Hylauronan, is not working correctly. It lets Hyaluronan "over thicken" the Serous Fluid.

    3. Tender Points correspond to the main branching of the Arteries throughout the body, more specifically, to the arterial and lymphatic capillaries proximate to branching.

    There are 42 readily-detectable Tender Points.


    We have identified these 4; there may be others.
    Each causes a wrong environment for Hyaluronidase (an enzyme) to work at 100%.

    OVERLY ACIDIC FMS - body is too acidic. About 90% of Fibros we talk to are Overly Acidic. Their Saliva pH consistently tests significantly below 7.4

    OVERLY ALKALI FMS - body is too alkali.

    THYROID / TEMPERATURE FMS - Thyroid problems cause incorrect internal body temperature.
    { Image / lymph system description : http://www.lymphnot php/id/151/ }

    PHYSICAL DAMAGE TO LIVER FMS - (often from rear-end car accident)

    5. The trapped fluid can cause weight gain and swelling.

    6. All cells are starved = pain in muscles, fascia, skin and internally.

    7. Cartilage is starved and cannot maintain and restore itself :
    Cartilage in knees grinds down. Joints wear prematurely and cause pain.
    Aching at the sternum = costrochondritis (cartilage is too weak to support the rib attachments. )

    8. Vertebral discs are starved, soften and deform = bulged or herniated discs.

    9. Incorrect fluid support pressure and starved tissue in joints > weakness / hypermobility.

    10 Joints in the jaw are starved and cartilage breaks down = TMJD.

    11. Serous Fluids do not correctly provide lubrication and digestive chemicals in the gut = Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

    12. High acid levels / no Serous Fluid circulation to nourish them > teeth splitting.

    13. Body tries to eliminate excess acid = frequent urination.

    14. Deep skin blemishes are excess Serous Fluid with no access to surface.
    Itching and rash are caused by overly acid perspiration staying on the skin, especially
    in areas that touch each other.

    15. Serous Fluid cannot reach eyes = dry eyes.

    16. Serous Fluid that reaches eyes has low pH = burning eyes.

    17. Serous Fluid that reaches eyes is too thick = dulled vision / like looking through saran wrap.

    18. Thickened Serous Fluid can disrupt the female reproductive system, causing one form of infertility. This form can be reversed.

    19. Sluggish or interrupted flow of Serous Fluid may slow body signals = Seritonin Reuptake, which causes obsessive compulsive symptoms, difficulty "moving forward" completing tasks, and chemical depression. Sometimes reversed when flow of Serous Fluid is restored. For others, an SSRI, best taken at night, maintains correct signaling.

    20. Flow of healthy Serous Fluid does not reach the neck, head, brain sufficiently = Brain Fog.

    21. The viscous Serous Fluid cannot flow constantly, as needed, to reach extremities, resulting in tissue degeneration, loss of function, pain, weakness, fatigue, stiffness, intellectual and emotional suppression, depression, headaches, hair loss, blistering on skin/scalp and tongue, over-sensitivity
    to sound, light and other stimuli, as well as other disabilities.

    22. Chronic Sinus problems are caused by Serous Fluid not clearing. It can also cause very painful "ice pick" headaches. Small amounts of Serous Fluid can become trapped in the narrow passageways of the head. Hyaluronan is very hydrophilic and can absorb a thousand times its weight in water. If a glob of trapped Serous Fluid begins to draw moisture from the surrounding tissues; it swells. This creates a "hydraulic jack" effect causing extreme pressure and pain in a small area, leading to severe sinus headaches.

    An anti-inflammatory shot can be an effective treatment. A quick spray of 1% Phenylephrine nasal spray will also give relief.

    Spraying salt water into the sinuses or taking a steamy shower may relieve this by allowing the stalled Serous Fluid to thin down and move.

    23. Neutralizing and removing excess Serous Fluid are essential to treating Overly Acidic Fibromyalgia. Where Serous Fluid is most accessible, as Saliva in the mouth and throat, chewing TUMS works. Swallowing calcium supplements does not work. Another method, and less apt to eventually cause kidney stones, is drinking neutral pH water.

    24. --- The amounts of alkali needed are directly related to the severity of symptoms.

    25. A decongestant and expectorant are needed to help the body rid itself of excess and thickened Serous / Lymphatic Fluid. Phenylephrine and Dextromethorphan, separately, or in combination, work best as the decongestant. Guaifenesin is the only known effective expectorant.

    26. -- The amounts needed are directly related to the severity of symptoms.

    27. The pain of Fibromyalgia is in all innervated tissue that is starved for Serous Fluid.

    28. Patients with Fibromyalgia “perceive light and sound as being much more important than they are”. This causes wakening the patient cannot identify with specific stimuli. Some “flares” which occur more frequently during the full moon, are caused by extra light entering the room around curtains, robbing sleep.

    Lack of sufficient amounts of deep restoratve sleep results in the body not being able to perform critical maintenance. It also causes Restless Leg Syndrome.

    28 a. Restless Leg Syndrome is an involuntary response. It is triggered by body wide starvation for Serous Fluid. The brain is telling us to move our limbs so that Serous Fluid will flow to feed, rinse, and lubricate the cells throughout the body.

    29. Blocking out all light and all sound using an eye mask and earplugs is essential to obtain deep, restorative sleep all night. Restless Leg symptoms stop immediately.

    Using "white noise" such as a fan or tv can help a person with FMS GET to sleep, but will KEEP them from getting to deep sleep and from staying there.

    30. The common occurrence of waking at or near the same time every night may be from additional sounds in the environment as shift workers leave for work, etc. It may result from being disrupted by light or sound while at a particular stage of sleep.

    31. For Overly Acidic FMS, greatly reducing intake of additional acid is essential.

    Three food items must be eliminated from the diet:

    Soft Drinks - due to high (phosphoric) acid. All flavors.
    Lemons, limes, pineapple, grapefruit, oranges, kiwi, strawberries, most grapes and
    cherries, raisins, plums, peaches, apricots, etc. all citrus - due to high (citric) acid.
    Even candy or jello or drinks that are flavored with these fruits.
    Chocolate tootsie pops seem to be no problem. Cherry ones are.
    Tomatoes in any form - due to high acid.

    We did not discover, but learned:
    Mint - reduces effectiveness of some meds, causing an un-well feeling.
    Aloe - do not leave on skin or swallow.

    32. For Over Acidic FMS, prompt urination, followed by adding alkali, is essential for maintaining normal pH levels of the clear fluids.

    33. A Combination Medical Treatment Method can reverse FMS symptoms:

    Expectorant and decongestant to clear bodywide congestion.
    Modify Saliva pH by not eating acid foods (if Overly Acidic).
    Use alkali (or acid) to help correct Saliva pH.
    Increase amounts of deep restorative sleep, using eye mask and ear plugs.
    SSRI to maintain correct "signals", if needed.

    Using this 4-part combination approach, Fibromyalgia can be successfully treated, with almost immediate results and all symptoms reversed. Mental and physical functions can be restored. When correct HA circulation is restored, functions that were diminished by Fibro return. These may include the ability to think clearly and quickly, to fully feel emotions and access long term memory, even if these things had been suppressed for years.

    Correct treatment for Thyroid problems relieves the symptoms of the Thyroid/ Temperature Version of FMS.

    34. The time until relief is first achieved depends on adjusting the decongestant, expectorant, neutralizer and diet to the individual patient's severity of symptoms. It can be as short as a few hours.

    35. It is known that stress increases Fibro symptoms. We believe added stress causes an increase in stomach acid, which adds to overall acidity. During times of stress, increase the alkali (TUMS), decongestant and expectorant to compensate.

    36. Four ROUTES TO FIBROMYALGIA, can be identified.

    During REAR END CAR ACCIDENTS the liver may be slammed inside the body like Shaken-Baby Syndrome. There may be direct damage to the liver, resulting in incorrect catabolization of HA by Hyaluronidase (an enzyme), or the accident causes bruising, which results in latent infections and can cause changes in enzymes. This 4th Version of FMS is PHYSICAL DAMAGE TO LIVER.

    Another precursor includes cold sores, influenza, mononucleosus, Epstein Barr and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. We refer to this as the VIRAL route.

    Additional precursors commonly recognized as a group, are Physical, Emotional or Sexual Abuse. We refer to these as the ABUSE route.

    The TRAUMA route can originate with events such as difficult child delivery, death of a close friend or family member, witnessing a horrific event, problem surgeries, reaction to medication, fall or other impact, etc.

    37. Camphor Spirit can stop the intense pain of Fibromyalgia when applied topically to areas most affected. It does not anesthetize; it stimulates the natural flow of Serous Fluid. Sensation and function are normalized, with the effect lasting up to several days.

    39. Problems with balance may be caused by overly thick or insufficient fluid in the inner ears. If the fluid is too thick, tipping or tilting will result in delayed reponse to the brain.

    We suspect that if inner ear fluid is too acidic it might also be eroding delicate components. Those
    with Meniere's may want to pursue that idea.

    40. Heavy excercise or heavy physical labor can cause an increase in lactic acid. Although not a source of pain itself, lactic acid adds to the overall acid load. Increasing TUMS or other alkali and meds before, during and after activity can keep the acid level normal. Monitor saliva pH.

    41. Because Fibros hold a lot of fluid in body tissues, they may not feel the need to drink water,
    but it is essential. Drinking ice water is like a natural vasodilator. Neutral pH water also lowers our acidity ratio. Ice water with sweetener makes it easier for many Fibros to drink what they need. The water helps keep things flowing. It is also needed for expectorant meds to work.

    42. Night sweats in Fibros can be a Hypoglycemic episode during sleep. Eating a small amount of protein food, like a piece of good swiss cheese or a small amount of plain cooked chicken, beef, etc., before bed can maintain stable blood sugar and eliminate night sweats.

    43. Excercise - because Serous Fluid is not pumped by the heart once it leaves the artieral capillaries, but flows as the result of muscle movement, excercise is important. The Serous Fluid travels like a snake on sand. Slow movement like Tai Chi is good, or walking.

    Slowly crossing one elbow over the other works the muscles near the Thoracic Duct and Aorta. This promotes Serous Fluid flow and is ideal for FMS.

    Anything that pumps the leg or arm muscles is particularly good. Strenuous excercise will result in rapid cell starvation and should be avoided unless on treatment that resolves all symptoms.

    Almost unanimously, the acknowledged experts felt my Discovery of
    a disruption in the natural flow of Serous / Lymphatic Fluid body-wide
    was totally without merit, so they cared even less that
    I had found a simple test to detect it and
    developed a treatment method to reverse it.

    Truth drives out ignorance, however, and truth will be necessary
    for treating all the illnesses that derive from this malfunction.

    Eventually these Discoveries will be so widely accepted that
    everyone will come to feel they had always known them.

    Anne Hillebrand - www.FibroFix. com 2007
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    They certainly seem sincere and arent selling anything. Interesting and alot of it does make sense.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Rockismom

    Rockismom New Member

    That's what I was thinking, Michelle.

    I did not do a search on this (site) but I'd never really heard or read this before today. I thought it was interesting and it seemed logical to me!

    Take care,
  4. m1she11e

    m1she11e New Member

    Hi again Rockismom,

    I contacted the lady (Annie) by email and she gave me her phone number and I called her.
    She has a thick Southern accent, talks a mile a minute and I have bad phone reception where I live so it was a very exhausting conversation. She is very genuine though. (No Noni juice for sale or anything...)

    From what I got of her talking about an hour and a half straight, is this...She and her husband spent alot of time reading and trying to find out what was wrong with her. (Before FM was well known) They were researching MS and all kinds of diseases as she couldnt even lift her arm some days and had trouble swallowing food. At some point she stumbled on Dr Amand and the whole Guaifenesin protocol. She doesnt use the Guai for the same reason he does. Their theory on it and why it works is different. So she doesnt feel you need to avoid Salicytates or get sicker first. She adds a decongestant, which is on the site that she sais is key. Basically the Guai loosens stuff in the lymph system and the decongestant helps unclog it and move it out. She also swears by and eye mask and ear plugs for a good nights sleep so the body can repair itself. She said she used to come on to these message boards but when she gave the eye mask and ear plug advice people would get irrate and say how sick they are and how could she give such basic advice. She was too sick to tolerate all of the pain and sleep meds that were out there so they used simple approaches like the eye mask and ear plugs. She chewed bottles of Tums because they helped but didnt know at the time you could use Baking Soda and about PH paper. So, she is into monitoring your PH and using good ol Baking soda to Alkalinize. They really learned everything at its most basic and by alot of trial and error.

    I will admit, I wasnt blown away by her info but I believed her. I had read once of an AIDS patient that had immune function come up and viral loads go down on Guaifenesin. I think it is on the "keep hope alive" site. They were not sure the mechanism. They thought it did something to the immune system and it had to do with mucous... I dont remember the details. I also told her I had discounted the Guai thing as a fad cause few people seem to have gotten better. She thinks that is becuase they didnt have the decongestant. She sais you get sicker if you dont. I have monitored my PH off and on but never consistantly. AND, I have read over and over that any light at all causes you not to get the deep healing sleep and any noise keeps you from getting it at as well. I sleep with a fan on but that is bad too.
    Most sleep aids dont allow restorative slee either so who knows?

    I am gonna try it all and just see what happens. Ive done all of it alone but hit and miss. I mentioned virus' (I have HHV6 and possible Lymes) and I didnt get a great answer. She basically said we all are exposed to all of those things. She said everyone with Fibro/CFS has one or another of them.

    I am not good at summing things up. I will say that although none of it is rocket science, it all makes sense.

    Thanks again for posting. You can email her. Dont call her unless you are in a comfortable chair, have free minutes and are feeling good enough to listen very closely. She talks FAST.
    Very down to earth and quite a character though!

  5. Rockismom

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    Wow! That's pretty neat that you called her! I'm glad also that she was so open to talk. Very interesting, indeed! I'm not one to stay on the phone for a lengthy period of time so I'll just play this one by ear.

    Thanks for posting and letting me know you talked to her though!

    I figure what does one have to loose trying what she has suggested?

    Thanks again for your interesting post!

  6. Shananegans

    Shananegans New Member

    Things I swear by: Tums, decongestants, water water water. Coincidence? Who knows. But very interesting to say the least. I am also very acidic, I over produce lactic acid (proven by blood test), I bleach towels by rubbing them on my body after bathing (very weird stuff), so it would make me wonder if this person isn't on to something.

    But then again, I also recently discovered I have Celiac disease and since being gluten free, I have not needed pain meds at all. So is there one answer? Probably not, as we have all discovered, FMS and CFS are not just one syndrome each, under each one is a laundry list of other syndromes, intolerances, allergies and issues. Makes you wonder which came first, the chicken or the egg?

    Maybe someday it will all make sense, but I have learned that you have to find the answer for yourself, not even your doctors can help you anymore.

    Thank you for the post tho, it was very interesting to read, even if just for the coincidences of how I've made myself feel better for years.

  7. hensue

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    Especially after these strawberries I have been eating and other acidic stuff. So I am suppose to check my ph balance how? I really want to know I dont take tums but I will. I have tried the guaf stuff long time ago saw no change. It makes so much sense what she says though.
    Hey I am from the south! I have a south ga drawl is it the same?
    Is she better? I wear earplugs and cannot sleep without them. Dark room
    everything, what is the decongestant if it would help my ears and those crickets in them. I would take it for that.
  8. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Wow, that was interesting! I've never heard that theory before. Thanks for sharing it, Rockismom.

    I have never heard of the um... Shaken Liver Syndrome before. But it makes perfect sense! Wow!

    Dr. Shoemaker talks about capillary hypoperfusion. It means that not enough blood circulation gets into the tiny capillaries. It's a known effect of neurotoxins. I wonder if that could relate to this Serous hypoperfusion in some way.

    I wonder if Anne Hillebrand has ever read Dr. S's stuff. Maybe she could see what the connection is.

  9. place

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    Out of all the idea's out there this rings the most truth! I have really bad sinuses, only way to feel better is to get the thick mucus out of my nose, it does not drain on it's own. I always have to pee. All of it is me! I love all acid foods! I do have food allergies and Have been helped by eliminating them.

    I already take gui for my sinuses, 1200 mg. I drink only dasani water, this act alone gave me 40% of my energy back. It is the only water that is purified and has magnesium. I drink nearly 16 8oz. bottles a day. Drinking club soda also seems to help!

    Really interested in this!

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