Can you stand one more Doctor gripe?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by meowee, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. meowee

    meowee New Member

    Hi all,
    So, I go today for my allergy shots, I get every 3 weeks. I have been having trouble with this mysterious rash nobody seems to know what it is. I figured, when the nurse saw my arm she'd say, the doctor will have to check you before your shot, since I have the rash on both arms.

    So, I go in and wait for him. The Doc comes in and asks about the rash. He looks and says it is definately NOT allergy related, you can get your shots. Then I said I think it may be related to my fibro, because I get a bad flare about 3 days after the rash appears.

    He says rather sarcastically, Well, who knows WHAT Fibro is **while he is rolling his eyes at me.** Then he says, what does the fibro do? Make you sleepy? I could have popped him so hard, I swear. I was steaming but I just said no, I have quite a bit of pain.

    It just made me so mad how condescending he was...and I get the feeling he thinks this is "all in your head".

    Thanks for letting me gripe...again.

    God bless.
  2. jasminetee

    jasminetee Member

    Wish I could pop him for you!

  3. Ginner

    Ginner New Member

    I am with you 200%. They know not what they say!
    I have to keep reminding myself when this occurs, that some doctors aren't educated in all things! He would not have been rolling his eyes if it were him with this dd.

    Did you check on here, under "rash" to see if anyone else has that symptom or can help you?

    My prob. is that I have like bits of sand under my skin on my hands, arms and feet, some on my face. No one knows!

    Good visting with you.
  4. kjade

    kjade New Member

    What is wrong with some of these Drs? Thank goodness I found my wonderful Rheumy!! He actually called me at home himself the other day about a med reaction I had. He has told me that anyone who reacts this way is just ignorant, and doesn't know enough about Fibro to comment or reply. He said to just ignore their remarks (easier said than done)!

    I too get this sort of reaction all the time. Frustrating!
  5. hjordan31

    hjordan31 New Member

    What I hate are the Dr's who are not sure what is wrong or what to do playing the pill guessing game. Lets try this drug and that drug, and well your not getting better lets up the dosage that ought to help. Not working yet lets try this drug . Don't like the side effects well deal with it. Hey there is an "experiemental drug" lets try that. Oh your having that side effect can't be the medication because that is not a "typical or listed side effect to that medication you must be doing something wrong. I mean these "Drs" go to school for 10 years why again someone please tell me, and some need a few years of sympathy and manners training also.
    Heather NyS
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  6. snowdonia92

    snowdonia92 New Member

    A while back I went to a very well thought of cardiologist for a near fainting spell I had- turned out to be nothing, but extreme emotion about a family member's medical crisis.

    Anywho- I told this doctor, not knowing if this fact would be of importance or not, that I had CFIDS. He said "You know this "illness" CFS is bogus, right?" I said if you had suffered like I had for the past 7 years and had to quit work and lost everything you wouldn't be saying this was BOGUS. He didn't say another word.

    I think you often really should tell doctors off when you get this CRAP from them- they deserve the come back, they are supposed to be CARING for you, not putting you down.
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  7. Ginner

    Ginner New Member

    Where else can a person go and 'vent'? A person needs feedback when you feel sad, bad, sick and scared.

    I quit talking about my dd to my family.

    My sister is my closest friend and confidant. Since I had to leave my job this past Jan. due to this dd, she keeps telling me "you have to get out of bed, get going". She is honestly the most compassionate person in the world. We lost our sister last year, I think she is just afraid of losing me and afterall, I don't LOOK sick. The same with drs. I have felt so "discounted" with some of them also. I now just have to think that it is "their" problem and move on to the next dr. The only thing, it gets expensive,hmm imagine that ??

    In supporting each other, the complaints come with the hope we give each other. What are friends for?

    I have been telling myself gentle on yourself. They say what we tell ourselves is sooo important.
  8. meowee

    meowee New Member

    I appreciate hearing your feedback. God bless you all and many thanks.
  9. snowdonia92

    snowdonia92 New Member

    You've got to get T-shirts done of your "photo" on your bio.! Love it! Can you make one for CFIDS too?!! :)

    You can do this for free on cafe press. I'm sure lots of us would buy one!
  10. _randy_

    _randy_ New Member

    Every time a doctor pisses us off like this, our response should be to go to someone else. Write your ex-doc a letter explaining why you took your business elsewhere. Tell everyone you know to avoid him. If everyone did this, maybe they'd start shaping up. They should have to earn their business like anyone else.
  11. Krackitty

    Krackitty New Member

    Oh, I would totally buy a T-shirt that said what your profile pic does!
    I've been feeling (rather mysteriously) much better, but I still get some stupid comments about it from my boyfriend's mother: "It's because she's stuck in the house."(I have never, EVER, been "stuck" in the house since I lived with him, just afraid to leave it alone in case I collapsed or passed out or something)
    "She should go to church, she would feel better."(Well, spiritually better, maybe.)
    "She just needs some exercise or a job or a hobby." (Um, I started to deteriorate WHILE I was working out 4 days a week! I would have a job if I wasn't so exhausted that I couldn't think! Finally, I had plenty of hobbies that I was no longer able to do!)
    It would make a good e-greeting card as well!
  12. snowdonia92

    snowdonia92 New Member

    Oh my gosh, I've heard all of what your boyfriend's mom says to you and more! Some people just need to SHUT IT!!!!

    Here is the best thing to tell to people that are sick or have suffered a loss: "I'm am so sorry." That's all. We don't want your critique. We don't want your unsolicited/pejorative advice. Just say that you're sorry, or don't say anything at all.
  13. hannahfaid

    hannahfaid New Member

    is what I get.. My husband just looks at me when I tell him I am hurting or exhausted...Guess he is sick of hearing it.. My mother inlaw asks how I am feeling but it seems she just says it for conversation.. She says she has fibro..but she's never ever expressed an interest in helping herself.. she has a lot of other problems ...back problems and colon problems (colostomy), no widespread pain , but she eats horribly and lives on Hydrocodone...dr tells her its fibro but makes no effort to treat her other than painkillers. She never talks about the fibro nor seen a doctor that helps fibro...kinda makes you wonder...when I was diagnosed with CFIDS she didn't seem like we had any common problems...ANYWAY the family just sort of ignores the illness...
  14. Sun_Rae

    Sun_Rae New Member

    I had an cardiologist here in NM (for those of you that know, Dr. Barry Ramo) he does a "4 Your Health" segment on t.v.. Anyhow, I went to see him years and years ago for my tachycardia, randomly chosen by my GP. After my workup as he was walking out he asked if I'd seen him on t.v. and was that I was here. Actually, I didn't know him from Adam, as I lived in the sticks and didn't have t.v. at the time. It's SO repulsive. Then I had a lab assistant who was drawing blood look at my chart that said, "Hashimotos/CFS/Adrenal Disease/EBV and he said, "I just don't know about you, Sun_Rae" and laughed at me.. What a ^%$#%$... You're right. We shouldn't be made to feel this way and there should be a law. All those patient rights forms they have you sign, should include a statement that they won't treat you like a dead animal on the side of the road. If I get one bad vibe from an MD anymore I go elsehwere! Even though my naturopath said she had CFS I do still see her as she's brought me back from death. And she treats me VERY well and knows how sick these virus' can make you.
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  15. Bailey-smom

    Bailey-smom New Member

    hydrocodone. I went to a Walgreens pharmacy to get it filled and the pharmacist didn't think I could hear them talk about how many pain pills the Dr gave me.

    I almost told her to shut her mouth and do her job - my hubby couldn't believe it.

    Wow...the nerve of some - nothing like HIPPA!
  16. meowee

    meowee New Member

    that is another thing that makes me sooo mad. Those pharmacists are NOT your doctor. Just fill the prescription and move on. If they have a problem with authenticity or something, I can see them discussing, but not with a dose.

    I had my ativan prescription..I took it to the pharmacy and he said this is too high of a dose. Where did you ever get this filled before? and on and on with the questions. I said just hurry up and call my doctor. He did and all was fine.

    Sometimes, those pharmacists think they know more than your doctor, I do believe.
  17. Chelz

    Chelz New Member

    The guy is a jerk...enough said. Sorry about this nasty vist. Hugs to you, Chelz.
  18. frosty77

    frosty77 New Member

    Write a list of all your symptoms, print it out, carry it around, and hand it to idiots like that doctor saying 'How would you like to live all day, every day, with THESE!'
  19. mompain

    mompain Guest

    I appreciate hearing everyone's problems with their doctors because it is nice to know that I am not alone in trying to find one who understands. I went to my pcp today and explained how my pain level was to the point that I would come in from teaching all day and not be able to do anything because I had fought the pain as long as I could for that day. His comment was that I dealt with it and made it through, so what was the problem. I told him the problem was that I couldn't function after I got home and it was unfair to my family for me not to be able to do anything and why should I hurt so badly when he could give me something to help. He said if I made it through the pain then I should be able to deal without something.

    Talk about wanting to lash out! I don't wish this pain on anyone, but I wish he could have to hurt and try to work and smile and make it through the day for one day with my pain. I have a feeling that his tune would change. He has no clue about fibro and says there is no way to prove you had it and no test that did. I really think he thinks that it is a bunch of nonsense.

    Needless to say, I will not be visiting that office again. He has been my doc for 20 years, and I have just now been diagnosed with fibro after 10+ years of symptoms. He didn't diagnose me. Wow, are we surprised? LOL!

    I just wish it weren't so very hard to find a doctor that understands and cares. If we could all have that, it would make this yucky disease a little easier to deal with.

    Thanks for letting me vent!
  20. kat0465

    kat0465 New Member

    Ooh My!!
    After reading all your posts i am just about to bust out crying!!
    I'm not ony Sick & Tired of being SICK & TIRED. im sick of bad doctors that don't even want to help.I have been having a really hard time even finding a gp for my family that will see us all, cause when they find out i have fibro,they suddenly arent taking Patients.
    a few months ago i had a total hysterectomy & had a bad episode in the hospital, well they Gyn makes an appt to a cardiologist of her choosing. so the week later i go see him, he starts asking some questions & when i bring up the fibro & stuff, he stops me & says u need to find you a woman GP i dont care about your Hysterectomy,or your FIBRO( Like he thinks im nuts for even mentioning it) and he then Scheduels me for a STRESS TEST the next day! i had just had Major surgery & am in a bad flare cause of all the things i had been thru. so the next morning i cancel all the tests & basically tell them to shove it!
    Ohh and i didnt mention while he has me in the examining room he gets a call on his cell phone & proceeds to talk for about 15 minutes!!
    SOrry for the Long post about another dumb@%#@% doc, i just couldnt resist! it just sux!
    i have a good fibro doc, but she is 2 hours away, it would sure be good to see a doc closer to home!

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