can you stop having diabetes?

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by lbd, May 7, 2003.

  1. lbd

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    Myhusband thinks, if he doesn't eat (he isn't) and looses 18 pounds, that he will no longer have diabetes. Does this happen? Help, please.Linda bd
  2. OhioMom

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    I know of people who have lost weight and were able to get off all diabetic medications, so it is possible! It may not be true for all people, but if it works for him, GREAT!
  3. Kihann

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    Depends if he has type 1 or type 2.. with type two if he maintains a healthy diet, and exercises.. he may not have to take any medication.
  4. Milo83

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    I have a friend whose husband had diabetes.. He was very over weight, but about a year ago, he had the gastric by pass surgery - he has lost a total of 195lbs in one year, and no longer needs any medication for diabetes or his high blood pressure..
    In my personal opinion, I would think not eating at all would be very dangerous for your husband having diabetes..
    I think if you eat properly and loose weight it is possible to go without medication for it..
    Take Care............Donna
  5. eyesofpassion

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    You can never stop having diabetes....However you can control it with diet and exercise. If your husband can get on a good diet and exercise he can control his diabetes possibly without meds but if he ever gains the weight back the diabetes symptoms will reappear. Diabetes has no cure but you can control it.
  6. dolsgirl

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    My father was diagnosed with insulin dependent diabetes after having Prednisone therapy for a detached retina. He followed his diet rigorously and eventually was on medication by mouth, no more syringes. Then after about a year-ish, he was completely on diet control only. It can be done, but you have to be very serious & follow the doctors instructions. I don't know if he had a turn around because it was Prednisone induced. His weight wasn't an issue. dolsgirl
  7. poco

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    Go check out the diabetes forum You'll find some very helpful info there. Plus some nice folks too.