Can you tell your braincells are dying off?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lenasvn, Sep 30, 2006.

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    Goofy title, and sort of funny! Now, I am serious though- can you tell your braincells are going to a better place?

    When I stand and stare out in the nowhere and it feels like I look just like Patrick Star in SpongeBob when he says "Duh?" while drooling- do you ever sense (for real now) that you're slowly going dumber? Well, dumber is not the right word either, but slower, harder to learn, memory fails me like it did grammie many years ago, etc.

    Dr Cheney speaks about that our brain is not getting enough oxygen and blood flow and this causes all kinds of cognitive problems and cell death. As the years have passed its getting noticeable.

    During severe flares last winter I lost my ability to remember words like "car", "umbrella" etc when my daughter was pointing at the pictures in her toddler book!

    Of course word recall fixes itself after a while as I have less flares, but other problems during the summer.

    I would LOVE to go thru some true cognitive testing,I wonder how I can convince my doc that it is as bad as I tell him? He did a dumb quick "test" where I had to tell my home adrress and date (gees!).

    He also asked me to memorise 3 words. I only remembered 1. He thought that was noting. I thought that was significant, and why I lost a very nice job position once (I could not remember a program (government benefits) no matter how hard I tried.

    Baby's fussy, gotta go!

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    Yes, my cognitive functioning is less than it used to be before I got sick. Mostly it's harder to write. It's also harder to focus on difficult reading material, and too much stimulation (even music or TV) can be very hard for me to stand because my brain doesn't seem to have the ability to process it well.

    I've not noticed that it's gotten worse I first got sick, though. I've had CFS (the neuro-endocrine-immune kind, with minimal fibromyalgia pain or chemical sensitivity) for about 11 years.
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    I know what youare saying. I tranpose words and even add words together(half of one with half another) my kids laugh at me and tell me I am loosing it...LOL...duh!!...I am!! They are just trying to get me to laugh.It is funny most of the time....But seriously, My son has to follow behind me when we go shopping to make sure I have my purse and my keys cuz I always leave them sitting someplace. I lose everything. I put things in safe places and then never find them again. Even forget to do simple things like....ok..I will say it...Forgetting to flush the get onto my boys for not flushing then they tell me I was the last one in there...geez...that is bad!!!Anyway, enough of my embarassing stories...Thanks for listening...Mick!!
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    Hayley- I agree!

    I miss my brain! What was that? Brain? I heard that word before! Word? What's that? Word? What?


    (Lena will return as she recovers- Sincerely, her son Matthew)
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    What would we do without our children?

    They have no idea what they're up for- just wait til we're older,,,,LOL!
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    I have to say my kids and my husband have been so helpful and understanding thru all of this. My 14 yr old is the best thing in the world for me. He is always there for me and willing to do whatever I need. I am just amazed every time he offers to help me when I feel really bad(which is most of the time)most 14 yr old boys have better things to do than hang out with mom. I thank God for him and I hope he never changes. He will make someone a wonderful husband some day! I hope everyone has kids that do as much for you as mine do for me. I think I am truely blessed....Mick!!
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    Oh, well. Another sign at the doc today,,,LOL! I had prepped myself with documentss about my illness to "educate" my doc only to find that I forgot them. Of course I didn't remember any of the questions I had either.

    My doc seem to be treating me as an FM/CFS'er. Guess my "education wasn't needed. He asked me why I hadn't started water aerobics. I said you never told me to. He said he did. I am sure he did, and I told him "see, even on a good day I'm that bad",,,LOL! He is stubborn, so am I, and we glared at eachother, but he won. LOL!

    Gotta go, my bod' is aching.

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