Can you work while filing for SSDI?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ForeverFlaring, Apr 7, 2003.

  1. ForeverFlaring

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    I don't know if I will even be able to work, but our finances are getting thin. Well they were already thin...emaciated is a better term. Can I work part time while filing? Even if I am able to work 3 weeks before I get fired for calling in sick too much (like usual, 3 weeks would help us out tremendously.

    I certainly don't want to jeapordize any chance I have of getting disability, and frankly I have no idea if I can even work with the flares I have been having. I just want to rule the idea out so it stops teasing me if I am able to work part time.

  2. Mikie

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    I can only tell you what my atty. told me. If you work, you will sabotage any chance of winning your case. The very fact that one works is proof to SS that you are able to work. Disability means that your symptoms do not allow you to do any kind of work.

    Love, Mikie
  3. ForeverFlaring

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    OK. I didn't think so.

    You know the little voice in the back of your head that tells you that you CAN work if you really wanted to? That voice has been tormenting me for a few weeks. I knew it would only be a short solution to a long term problem, and honestly I would be surprised if I were to keep a job for 3 weeks. I would go to the job interview looking like a junkie and never get hired in the first place. LOL!

    So much for dreaming of a real life and gaining independence. It really stinks though. I have no money to pay too many bills. My husband works, but unfortunately he doesn't make enough to make ends meet. We occasionally qualify for welfare depending on what his income is, but welfare doesnt take into effect the $500 a month for medical insurance and the many other miscellaneous expenses we all encounter in life.

    We were homeless for 3 weeks, and if I could have worked to prevent my children from going through that I would have done so in a heartbeat. A year after applying for disability I am still in the same position I was in when I started. How depressing!
  4. Mo22

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    My attorney told me if I worked while applying, I would not get the disability. You will jepordize your chances of getting disability. Also, My attorney advised me to work not even part time when I recieve disability because when they review your case in 2 to 3 years they will take you off
    dis. because they feel you can work. My lawyer is very good with disability cases. It is his specialty in law and he himself
    has fibromyalgia. I did not work and was awarded dis. about
    2 and half years ago for the fibromyalgia. Good Luck. Mo22
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    it's best if you go don't tapper off. If you are currently working full time, my advice would be to work as much as you can, but call in EVERY TIME you need to, and have them fire you for poor attendance. The reason being that they base your bennifits on the income you were making before you became unable to work AT ALL. I wish I'd known this, because I screwed myself out of quite a bit of money by listening to that little voice that said "you can work" even part time. Another piece of advice is to make sure you keep copies of the Social Security Statement that they send out each year which shows how much you would recieve for disability or retirement. At least I'm hoping that it can be used to prove to them that I should be getting at about $200 more per month than it looks like they'll be giving me, based on what they gave for back pay. That was $2500 less than what I'd calculated I should recieve. I'm still trying to contact my lawyer to see what we can do.

    BTW, MIKIE, do you think I should post this seprately, as I think it's important for other newbies to know, especially those who are still trying to work and thinking of filing? I'll check back soon.

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    NO NO No!!!! In fact You have to be not able to work for a certain amount of time before you apply. I think it was a year. Your best bet is to seek an attorney. Be upfront with that person and do what ever they ask you to do regardless of what you think.And do what ever they advice you to do WHEN they tell you to do it.The attorneys that handle this stuff know what is needed and when it is needed. But you have to do YOUR part.They don't get paid unless you get paid so you know if they take you on as a client they don't want their time wasted so they are going to do all they can.They will even advice you if they think you don't stand a chance ,there again because they don't want to spend time on you if they don't think you have a winning case. GOOD LUCK


  7. ForeverFlaring

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    "NO NO No!!!! In fact You have to be not able to work for a certain amount of time before you apply."

    Oh no, I had never run across that rule! So much for the entire year I have been waiting for an approval. I give up, truly.
  8. ForeverFlaring

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    I was just looking at Scott Davis' site and found this.

    Mistake #10: Assuming an entire year has to pass before you can file a disability claim. Not true. SSA law requires that before you can be approved one of the following must be true: (1) you have already been disabled and out of work for one year, or (2) your doctors expect that you will be unable to work for a minimum of one year from the date you last worked, or (3) your medical condition is expected to result in death. Too many people have told me that an SSA employee said they could not file a claim until one year had passed since they last worked. This information is totally incorrect and if followed, will almost certainly cost you disability benefits and medical insurance!

    Advice: Apply for disability benefits as soon as you or your doctors believe your medical and/or psychological condition will preclude you from working for at least one year. Waiting to file will only cost you benefits that you may not be able to recover.

    So you do not have to be out of work for a certain amount of time before applying. That's a load off my mind! I just thought I would share this with you, not out of spite but just to let you adn anyone else know.

    Thanks again!