CANADA nat'l lab for LYME: involves 'national security'??

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    This is really quite strange on Canada's part... citing national security as to why they can't disclose info on testing for lyme??? Even tho I live in the US I will be interested to watch what happens... thinking this could really have implications here even tho our labs apparently are better...

    Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation:
    Feds Say "NO" to Access to Information Request on Serious Health Matter; National Security Cited

    Jan 20, 2008 12:15 ET

    VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Jan. 20, 2008) -

    The federal government denies Access to Information request. They say it is a matter of "national security", so Canadians have no right to records that measure the ability of our national medical laboratory to detect the fastest growing animal to human disease in the northern hemisphere

    The Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation decided they must find out how well our federal medical laboratory in Winnipeg does at detecting Lyme disease in humans.

    Fully certified, proficiency tested and accredited laboratories in the U.S. have been finding that several thousand Canadians are actually positive for lyme disease after a negative Canadian test. Many of these Canadians had been given diagnoses ranging from multiple sclerosis, mental illness, to chronic fatigue syndrome.

    The successful outcome of lyme disease treatment demands early diagnosis, so the Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation sought to find out why Canadian lab tests in so many instances are negative followed by a positive U.S. test. These patients only then get the treatment they need. The proof is in the pudding, they do remarkably well in recovery after having been left sick for years in many instances.

    Proficiency testing of laboratories measuring their ability to detect specific disease is required in most jurisdictions for laboratories to retain certification. The U.S. labs are proficiency tested and have excellent results. We expect similar results from our federal labs but we will never know if a small group of people who hold the lives of Canadians in their hands has their way.

    If denying our request because of "national security" sounds absurd to you, it did to us as well. Something is going on. One provincial access to information request revealed minutes of a meeting involving provincial medical authorities and our federal laboratory representatives who discuss hundreds of unique cases of lyme disease in only a three year period in that province. Officially, in that same three year period the reported number of cases was zero.

    We had also previously asked to be allowed to participate in proficiency testing of our Canadian labs but that request was quickly denied as well.

    To put this in proper perspective, Canada has some of the highest rates in the world of diseases and conditions sharing the same symptomology as lyme disease but we have virtually no lyme disease, in stark contrast to every other northern hemisphere country. There are 1.5 million Canadians suffering from disease of unknown origin. Many of these mirror the symptoms of chronic lyme disease. We want to know how many are in fact lyme. We believe that number will prove to be substantial.

    It is implausible that Canada has protective border crossings that prevent birds that are carrying lyme disease from entering our country. It is much more plausible that we have many cases of lyme disease. Our cold temperatures do not account for our low numbers as previously stated by the government. Finland, a much colder country, has thousands more cases than Canada.

    The best way to prove the prevalence of lyme in the bodies of Canadians would be through aggressive research including multiple tissue biopsies from skin and internal organs of those individuals who share the symptoms of lyme disease, and post-mortem study of those who did not survive the onslaught of their illness. We have had many requests Canada wide from very sick individuals or their family members who want to leave their or their loved ones remains for this specific research. Most have not been diagnosed with lyme, but suffer all of the symptoms.

    Background information:

    Our friendly migratory birds transport the ticks that carry Lyme disease around at random. Biting insects such as mosquitoes and horse flies have also been shown to transmit the disease. In the U.S. where our springtime migratory birds come from there is an estimated 200,000 human cases of Lyme disease each year and this is increasing year over year. Our government labs confirm fewer than 60 cases per year in Canada.

    We do know Lyme is being misdiagnosed as other illnesses, or not diagnosed at all. Lyme disease is robbing many Canadian children of their youth and adults of their careers.

    Lyme disease can cause serious long-term health issues if not identified and treated early. It can affect the brain, eyesight, hearing, nervous system, muscles, joints, digestive tract, skin and most organs including the heart, liver, spleen, and kidneys. Because Lyme disease is a multi-system disorder many systems of the body can be affected at once.

    Ticks that carry Lyme disease can be found in your lawn, on logs, on your pets, in tall grass or brush. If outside do not brush up against brush or tall grass, or sit on logs. Wear a repellent containing DEET, and do a daily full body tick check on yourself, your children and your pets. Talk to your veterinarian about protecting your pets. Use fine tipped tweezers to remove an attached tick. Prevention is the best medicine.

    For more information, please contact Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation Jim Wilson President (250) 768-0978
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    I'd say this fits right in with some info I read a long while ago about Canada being involved with us on our secret testing of engineered mycoplasma incognito on citizens, causing CFS.

    I read that our Punta Gorda, Florida human guinea pig experiment was done at the same time as they let loose infected mosquitos over Winnipeg.

    I did not want to believe any of this, but the govt. patent on mycoplasma incognito is a fact that cannot be denied. It is an engineered germ, having one dna strand from HIV inserted into it to make it more potent.

    Then there is the book "Lab 257: Plum Island", which offers even more scary "coincidences" about the development of Lyme Disease. This biowarfare study facility has had many leaks which killed birds en masse, and they are the first place directly upwind from Lyme, Conn.

    So, the issue could be huge govt. liability if the truth ever got out. I wish someone would prove this wrong, because if it's true, we will forever be sacrifical lambs, and no hope will be forthcoming.

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    That new Rocky Mtn lab has openly said they are working with mycoplasma, lyme, and many other organisms for bioweaponizing. Too scary to want to think about it, but never hear our officials OR media talking about it.

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    I live in the Rocky Mountains and if there was a lab here I think I'd know about it. Maybe they are going to build one in the future but there isn't one here now. Thanks again Poppy
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    "And the Pentagon, NIAID, and the Department of Homeland Security are building new BSL-4 capability at Fort Detrick. NIAID is also building a BSL-4 facility at its Rocky Mountain lab in Hamilton, Mont."

    It's actually already built, I believe, this is a rather old article but the first I found on a quick google search.

    They are building more as the article points out, by universities; my town (main campus of Georgia) is one of those currently vying for a contract, I sure hope we do NOT get it. There are billboards all over town here against it...