Canadian Pension Disability - need help!

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    Hi there,
    Coming up on 9 yrs being ill with ME/CFS I've determined I will not be making a miraculous recovery and need to try and get benefits as am unable to work. I had been working very part time, but struggled, and since I've now moved to a new city in Ontario am unable to find any CFS/ME friendly employment and feel it would be a bad idea to work. Basically, I'm tired of pushing myself and crashing.

    So this question goes out the anyone who's applied and knows the process and can advise how to proceed. I have the papers and a doctors diagnosis but have been told that the likelihood of me getting it is low - I'm 37. Is there things I should say specifically, documents to supply, ways to prove how ill I am?

    Any tips would be very appreciated!
    Thanks, Shannon
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    I do not know the process for Canada, but take a look at this site You can search on the internet for Application for Canadian Disability Pension Plan and you'll see a bunch of sites come up.
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    Thanks for all the information - very helpful. I am going to look into the links you suggested. Fingers crossed this can be as stress free as possible!