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    It is a well-known fact by the Canadian lyme disease association that a big portion of people who think they have chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia actually have lyme disease. Do not count on your doctor to test you for this and find it. They are not educated to so do.
    Fact is the US identified 35,000 people who have lyme and yet the Canadian government has reported less than 200 people.

    Even if you think that you got cfs from EBV / mono, think again. Lyme can cause a mono too. Get tested even if you think you got your cfs from mono. Doctors who know lyme will tell you that each person presents with different symptoms.

    As a first step have the following blood tests done.
    2) natural killer cells cd3-/cd16+/cd56+

    These tests are free. Note that you may have to call around in your city. There may be only one lab per city to test these.

    If the results are abnormally low, suspect lyme.
    Do the Canadian lyme test. It very likely will come back with negtive results. Note that many if not most of the lymes being picked up by Canadians are not tested in the Canadian test. So the next step is you will have to get tested by a lab such as Igenex or Immunosciences in California. You may have to do the later part yourself since doctors do not.

    Often one of the first symptoms to go away by patients on the right antibiotics for their lyme is pain. Do not leave this stone unturned.

    I believe it is money well spent to test for lyme first rather than spend thousands on supplements.

    Canada is suspected of having the highest incidents of what people think is cfs and fibro.

    The Canadian lyme association encourages people with cfs to be tested. if they have been sick for many years then antibiotics for 3 to 6 months might be in order. you would need to study their website.

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