Canadians Please...How long to wait for CPPD payments?

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  1. Wingingit

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    I am sorry if this topic is not very relevant to the topic of FMS, but I am sure there are others in a similar situation who could benefit from this knowledge.
    I have been fighting CPP disabilty for 3 long years and was finally approved in mid June...YEAH!
    I am very relieved that they have finally made the right decision after such a long wait, but it is now mid August and I haven't recieved so much as a letter indicating what my payments will be or when they will start.
    Bill payments are lagging, creditors are calling with a vengence and we have begged and borrowed ever penny we could over the past years to keep the payments up...we're out of sources now.
    Can anyone who has been through the process tell me how long I should expect to have to wait after the Tribunal decision is made and my application has been approved before I see any of the money?
    I was told that as of the date of the decision, CPP still has 3 months to appeal it. My lawyer doesn't feel they will, but will I be waiting for this 3 month period to pass before anything happens.
    Any experiences with this?...please and thanks...
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    Maybe someone tonight will be able to help you.
  3. Wingingit

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    Surely someone can answer this for me?Please.
  4. Wingingit

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    Last try at bumping this...anyone?
  5. dorothyanne

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    Congratulations on your win!! You got yours in 1 year less than my fight took!

    I was notified in November of my win, and waited til February before finding out how much I'd receive and when. The payments commenced by March. So, it looks as if you may have to wait until September, if their time periods are standard. At least you know the end is in sight!!!

    Nan, I hope you realize that your retroactive payment is taxable; please be prepared to count on giving a chunk of that settlement back to this darned government!

    Gentle hugs, DA
  6. Wingingit

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    Thanks so much for your response!
    You know, I thought that as long as I got confirmation of approval, I would be content...but the waiting is still so stressful...terrified that not hearing anything might mean CPP is appealing...
    At least I can tell the creditors that I should be making full payments by October.
    Yes, I know the retro money is taxable. Between that, paying the lawyer, paying back family and clearing up my overdue bills I should be broke again
    But, the debts will be paid and bills caught up, and that will be a big relief!
    To all of those in the process...hand in there...keep fighting to the end...don't let them break your spirit...there is hope.