Cancer and FMS

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    I receive a newsletter entitled: Fibromyalgia Network. This is a quarterly newsletter that I ordered on their internet site. There is some interesting things in it, and also some alarming things. One article in the July 2003 issue discusses a study that was intended to look for the association with mental illness to FMS, but instead found that cancer (of hormonal nature..prostate and breast) was increased more than twofold in patients with FMS. In addition, cancer survival rate was worse in the FMS group. That's just all we need! :( They make reference to a governmet sponsored cancer site where you can read about it. Use those key words government and cancer, and you should find it. If anyone's concerned personally, please seek help from your doctor.
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    That is a scary article. I was diagnosed with FM this year finally and last year I had to have surgery for Melanoma. My sister died from Breast Cancer at age 34.
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    When I had thyroid surgery I had encapsulated cancer in the goiter they removed. So far no CA anywhere else but we keep an eye out for it. Yeh, just another thing that shows our immune system is whacko, in my opinion. We have so much to deal with as it is. Thanks for the web site. Goodday
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    Bittersweet--Do you mean to type in cancer and government on google and then I can read the article?
    That is scary to me, because for the past 7 years I have had to see an oncologist every 3-4 months for bloodwork.
    My rheumatologist was concerned when my sed rate kept getting higher. He ruled out RA, but he ordered some new tests and it showed what he had suspected that I have monoclonal gammopathy--I have high protein in my blood. It is 6 times higher than normal. This can lead to bone marrow cancer.
    I moved to Tucson from Indiana, and thanks to my Lord, I am told that my oncologist here is the best in the city.
    I go back in a month to repeat blood work again.
    I also have been anemic off and on for these past 7 years.
    My last blood work showed that I was low on iron, so he wanted me to take an iron supplement just for a month.
    Something that confused me and maybe some of the medical professionals here can explain this----in the past when I was anemic my HGB was low, well, this time it was right at the normal range, but he said I was low on iron, not anemic.
    I had always thought that when you have low iron you are anemic.
    Well, there is much more to my story about this blood disorder that I have--so, if there is anyone who has this -would you please let me know.
    It is very scary living with this knowing that it can lead to bone marrow caner--I think it is only around 20% of people who have had the monoclonal gammopathy for 10 years will get the cancer.
    So, it isn't a high percentage, but every time I go back for blood work there is always something new wrong with me.
    I will check out what bittersweet said to do. I have to leave now, but I will be on here later. so if anyone has any information about this blood disorder-please let me know. Thank You---

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    This means we need to not assume any new symptom is just our FMS. I don't think it helps to worry about this stuff, but we should be aware and vigilant.

    Love, Mikie
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    I was wondering if anyone else has this blood disorder that I have
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    I've tried to find the reasch on gov. cancer but don't know where to look. Was dx with Invasive ductal carsinoma in Dec. I agree with mikie that since our immune systems are already compromised it makes sence we can't control the development of cancer. Would we be able to get some of the cancer reasch grant money to study the connection and there for have more scientists trying to solve this mess? If any one knows how to check this out I'll help as much as possible. God bless Sandy
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    i've heard this several times~ and I'm sure its true to a degree~ Statistics say that around 50% of ALL people will develope cancer by the age of 82. So I think everyone needs to beware~ Those odds are'nt lookin to good are they?
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    An eminent immunobiologist speak and he said the average person "gets" cancer 200 times a day but that the healthy body's immune system kills the cancer cells. This is why it is so important to try to help the immune system stay healthy. I still think the denatured whey is one of the best ways to do this. Antioxidants are important too. I also take colostrum.

    Dr. Cheney says that if you take one of those foam noodles and hang in the water at the deep end of the pool, the gentle pressure and movement of the water will help the lymph glands drain. You can massage them too, but you have to be gentle or you can irritate them and they will swell up and get sore. I think the Guai's mucus-thinning properties also help with this.

    Sandy, I think your suggestion has a lot of merit. Perhaps the fact that we get certain cancers more often would be a clue into how to treat both cancer and FMS.

    Love, Mikie