Cancer Immunotherapy Treatment

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    I have recently discovered a new way biotech companies have been treating cancer it is called immunotherapy. In doing this these companies sensitize dentretic cells to recognize proteins on the surface of cancer cells as a marker for diseased tissue. In the immunotherapy approach, the sensitized dendritic cells direct certain white blood cells to seek out and attack the cancer. The companies I am aware of that do this are Denderon and Quantum Immunologics. Denderon only treats prostate cancer while Quantum Immunologics can treat breast cancer. If anyone here that is interested in the fight for curing breast cancer, a company called Mentor Capital (MNTR) owns 20% of Quantum. The money which people invest in MNTR goes to Quantum’s FDA trials which costs $100,000 per cancer patient. At this point Mentor Capital is considered to be a pure investment in Quantum Immunologics. I hope this is informative and interesting to those who are intrigued by new therapies for breast cancer.
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    First, welcome to the board.

    My BIL is an oncologist and will ask him about this.

    Are you asking that people donate money? That is against the board rules.

    Do you work for this company?

    I understand that it costs a lot of money to go through the FDA trials. However, if there is something valuable this company is offering and you present it to the ACS, you might get funding.

    A company that is asking for donations, sends out a red flag that something about your post is not adding up.

    I could be wrong, so would ask you to provide us with more information.