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    Here is an informative site on MSM. I've been taking higher doses of MSM for years and have posted about it here over the years....I also subscribe to a group who work with DMSO which is also a sulphur.

    I've been taking MSM for pain and it does "calm" the chronic pain I deal with. There are many uses for MSM and cancer is another one as are allergies. This is not sulfa, but is a good tutorial:

    Sep 13, 2013 ... Written by Webster Kehr, Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc. ...
    Organic sulfur IS MSM, but MSM is not necessarily organic sulfur.

    Well, what else is new, the link will not open and if one just copy/paste the above title in their search you will find it....a good read and informative, we never know when we might be faced with treatment.....

    Of course, I'm also banking on the grape seed ex I've been taking for eons for cancer prevention.
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    If one goes to the Articles+ section and then to Supplemental Treatments, GRAPES are mentioned a lot.....and the MAIN reason I started on Pycnogenol/Grape Seed Extract in 1995, we were told it MAY prevent cancer......

    This Tutor is so full of info on treating cancers. Exciting info as I see it. Beats the conventional treatments that pharma world offers. And gets mega millions for these treatments. Makes me sad. But, I realize enough win their battles with pharma meds so I'm not knocking them believe, but for me it probably would not the way I'd go if ever faced with cancer.>>>>>>>>>

    These are my opinions and do your own work. But to know there are MANY alternatives is a goodsend....
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    Another good source to know: Oncology Assocation of Naturopathic Physicians

    WELCOME. This is the website of the Oncology Association of Naturopathic
    Physicians, a professional association of naturopathic physicians and doctors
    who ...
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    Dr. Kelly Turner PhD author of Radical Remission was a guest on Coast to Coast last night.....lots of talk about Sugar and Cancer and about keeping our Immune System as strong as possible, to really work on those especially....the Immune System too meaning keeping as much a POSITIVE mindset as possible and stay clear of sugars as much as possible and to be aware of these re: cancers.....

    A personal story about my grandkids dad who passed last year of of my daughter's friends made the comment about him as dealing with cancers from anger...he did have a lot of anger in him and other issues like smoking for many years but this anger can be a killer to our immune systems....

    There is a lot one can be angry about and I have my share but so little we can do in the whole taking care of one's body and feelings is key for our health......

    Prevention Prevention Prevention is what we need to strive for..... Laugh as much as we can and LET GO of what we can't change. We can't change others, only ourselvs. jam
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    On this subject, there are sites on foods to help reduce cancer and those to increase chances of cancer....instead of trying to post links, do a search:

    10 Foods to Reduce Cancer (berries, sweet potatoe, brocolli, etc)

    10 Foods that Increase Cancer (GMO foods, farm raised salmon, processed meats, refined flour/SUGAR, etc)