Candida and other parts of the body

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    Does anyone know if Candida affects the anus (bowels)? I have been on about 3 antibiotics to cure an overgrowth of E-coli and Group B strep in the vagina. Don't know how this happened, other than I noticed a lot of burning in the vagina. thought it was just post menopausal atrophy. Anyway, now I have an inflammation at the anus and I thought it could be yeast overgrowth or too much bacteria. I also heard from a woman on the IBS board that said anyone with suppressed immune systems can have immune responses to foods, meds, and bacteria and it affects the digestive system. Anyone else have this anus problem. Could be just hemmroids, but more of an irritation. Nurse ordered Proctofoam to help.
    Need your input friends,