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  1. Bhavisha

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    Hi I was diagnosed with the highest levels of candida which has spread to my mouth and brain and also have nasty parasites: dientamoeba fragilis (trophozoites) in my intestines.

    For the past few years (when I first noticed major bloating) I stopped eating wheat of any form as this seemed to worsen the symptoms. I naturally have a sweet tooth so now to be told I cannot eat anything sugary is killing me! Also food is life and to not be able to eat a normal balanced diet is taking its toll.

    I am so bloated mainly around the tummy area and in my face to the point where I have lost my confidence and do not want to see or speak with anyone. This has really affected my self motivation as I am so unbelievably tired all the time and cannot concentrate at all on work from all the 'spaced out' and dizzy spells.

    I have been advised to take Kyolic garlic for several months to relieve the candida along with acidophillous and b50. After this course I will be put on Metronidazole to kill the parasites.

    If anyone has any suggestions or has taken any of the above things to help them, please let me know!

    Many thanks
  2. herbqueen

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    Are you seeing a good naturopath to help you through this? Who tested you/what test did they use? Alot are using "humaworm" for parasites on the lymenet forum or salt/c protocol but I know nothing about those.

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