candida for 49 years, several health problems all have gone away due to

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    A PRODUCT I FOUND ON E-BAY IN THE PET MED SECTION......i was seeing 4 different doctors then finally went to a skin specialist for cronic jock itch, he put me on prednisone ,,,then it got much worse and i had to go to ER HOSPITAL, THEY ALSO MISDIAGNOSED IT AND UPED MY PREDNISONE,,, THEN MY GROIN AREA STARTED BLEEDING......i thought i was going to die.....i also had cronic sinus infections and headaches,,,,doctors also had me on lipitor for high triglicerides were 590 so they put me on tricor also......I WAS ONLY GETTING SICKER...i finall killed my candida infection with a DOG PILL.....I'm not sure if it is ok to endorse a product on this site so i'm not saying the name of it, however, you can find it on e-bay in the pet med section...I HAVE TAKEN ABOUT 150 TABS OVER 6 WEEKS and currently my colesterol and triglycerides have returned to normal and my headaches have decreased significantly and my jock rash from hell has completely gone away.....TO ALL THE CANDIDA SUFFERES OUT THERE.... there is HOPE.....AND NOW A CURE.......IT WAS AN ANSWER TO A PRAYER