Candida How do you know you have it???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sharon5650, Nov 22, 2005.

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    Crazy Question I know.....How do you know you have it??? also how do you know you have it through your whole body?? what are the symtoms....I know I have thrush at times in my mouth...suffer from a lot of infections...feel faint...low blood pressure...lots of anti=biotics...nasal nasal drip...respiratory infections...extreme fatigue..chronic soore throats...etc...
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    not sure but this doesn't sound like fibromyalgia to me. We have pain in tender points such as knees,hands,wrists,legs. A doctor and do a presser point test to find out. good luck, oma
  3. dakotasweett

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    and can occur in many parts of the body (mouth, ears, nose, nails, gastrointestinal tract, and vagina are the most common). Some of the many symptoms are: constipation, diarrhea, colitis, abdominal pain, headaches, bad breath, memory loss, mood swings, canker sores, persistent heartburn, muscle and joint pain, sore throat, congestion, nagging cough, numbness in face or extremities, tingling, acne, night sweats, severe itching, clogged sinuses, burning tongue, extreme fatigue, vaginitis, kidney and bladder infections, arthritis, depression, hyperactivity, hypothyroidism, adrenal problems, etc, etc.

    Several of the things you said may be related to candida- such as thrush (which is a candida infection- and a yucky one too- I had that a few months ago), congestion, lots of infections, fatigue, sore throats, and use of antibiotics.

    You can have a blood test to check for candida in your blood--I just had this done at an FFC and they did find a high level.

    Whenever you take antibiotics, it is a good idea to also take pro-biotics (acidophilus) to help maintain the normal bacterial flora. Antibiotics, especially broad spectrum ones, can kill off the good bacteria in your system, thus allowing more room for yeast to grow since it is not harmed by antibiotics.

    Best of luck to you!


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