candida in esophagus--why?

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    Hello all just thought this might be a good place to post this question. I am a 36-year-old male, generally in good health except I've suffered intermittent symptoms (red spots on hands; pain on skin and in muscles of legs and feet; pain in my upper right abdomen; fatigue; anxiety) since becoming ill in Mexico six years ago. Then in December I started having nausea, chills, shaking, and feeling really full after just eating a little. I often experienced some pain when swallowing and my upper right quadrant pain was much worse than usual. I lost six pounds in a month. I began having "electric-shock" type feelings in my arms and hands and was so fatigued I had to miss several days of work and really just barely made it to work for a couple of months. I had all kinds of tests done--CT scan, HIDA scan; ultrasound; colonoscopy; numerous blood tests--, none of which showed anything. Finally, two weeks ago, my GI doctor did an endoscopy and discovered a candida infection in my esophagus. He prescribed Diflucan. I took the three-day course and my swallowing pains are now reduced but not entirely gone. Also my stomach seems to be slowly getting a little better. Everything I've read about esophageal candidiasis suggests that it's generally seen in AIDS patients and people with cancer, but I'm HIV-negative and you'd think if I had cancer they would have detected it with all those tests they did on me. Also I hadn't taken any antibiotics and don't use inhalers. My GI doc doesn't think an otherwise healthy person can have systemic candidiasis, but at the same time he hasn't given me any clues as to why it would be in my esophagus. Any ideas as to what could be going on? Thanks for considering this question!
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    I don't know that you will get an answer here, but am glad you posted on the Candida board. How about also posting on the AIDS board here and between the two, I think you may possibly get answers. I edited this to suggest you also post on the cancer board here. Getting your post on all those boards I think may get you the most answers. Good luck and hope you get an answer.
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