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    Dear Kay,
    You can find three lac on the internet by typing in Jim and Marti White in google or Global health trax. We got it from global health trax and I took it for maybe 3 or 4 months till I got it checked again. I used to get a ticklish throat when I was ready to go to sleep and this bothered me for years. Now it is gone! Also other symptoms. And I think candida makes anything worse. That would be the first thing I would get rid of before I tackle the other problems.
    I had a terrible time with sugar because yeast loves sugar! Isnt that awful!I cheated badly but at least I stayed off of it some of the time.
    I didnt know if it is helping or not but I decided I will stick with it and give it a good chanse because it will be so nice to just stay on maintenance then once you are rid of it. I figured the other stuff you take as soon as you are over it and stop the supplemants you will get it right back.That is what yeast does.But with the three lac, you take one every morning to maintain.
    Let me know how you are doing! Marie