Candida vs. H2S vs. low oxalate vs. H. pylori ???

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    OK, I'm beyond confused.

    After eliminating sugars and bread, staying on a low-carb diet, I lost a lot of weight but thought I felt better for awhile. Then in March I had an episode of extreme pain under my RIGHT rib cage that sent me to the ER, a place I'd never been and hope to never go again.

    An ultra-sound and CT scan showed nothing that would cause that pain. Shingles was suspected but no lesions appeared. Still, I thought that's what it had been - until I had it happen again two months later. This time I saved myself from the ER and took pain meds for the day.

    The extreme pain ended in a day but I continued to feel unwell (more so than with the daily issues of CFS-ME). Finally a chest x-ray showed what the doctor called "a little pneumonia" in my LEFT upper lung. One Z-pac later and I felt better than I'd felt in years.... for about a week and a half.

    Because I've allowed a lot of stress in my life, I chalked my continued malaise up to that but I'm going to California to see my son and his family at the end of September. I don't want to be a wet blanket or feel so ill while I'm gone.

    I went back to the doctor this week where, after she'd heard my concerns, she asked me if I'd heard of H. pylori. In return, I handed her a copy of the H2S information. Blood was drawn and she said "we'll go from here" once the results are back.

    I looked up H. pylori but it isn't my stomach that bothers me, it's my intestinal tract. This is why I was encouraged about the H2S theory. In fact, the best I've felt in 16 years was after the prep for a colonoscopy!

    Adding: I have not yet done the urine test so that may be where I need to go next. And Rich, I'll let you know the results.

    A huge thank you to anyone who knows about these conditions and will take the time to help un-confuse me a bit.

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    but i want to write anyway. what a total bummer getting that pain and not getting a fix on it--demoralizing to be brought down after making good progress. i am sorry- hope you get it fully sorted out, and soon. ( you wrote me back about no-grain approach not so long ago, and i am so grain-free now. it has helped my IBS symptoms a lot)

    i relate to what you said in your post about allowing stress in- boy did i do that- i am now fiercely learning to apply methods to prevent that from ever happening again.

    and that anticipatory dread when there's something i really really want to do, and plan to do, but don't know if i'll be able to manage -- that's a stressor i'm familiar with-

    i just want to wish you well. hope you get the exact right information for you and make speedy comeback. and if you happen to come to/near San Francisco, let me know!! very best, Sascha
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    Rocky, thank you for the suggestion. It sounds interesting. I'll see what I can find.

    Sasha, I thought of you when I posted this. Eating right for our own body is so important to overall health, regardless.

    Thank you for your support. You're right; I am bummed but it helps to have friends like you. You're a sweetheart!

    I would love to come to San Francisco. It's actually a goal.

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    Hi, Marta.

    I'm a little confused, too! I think what you are saying is that the problem of the pain under your right rib cage has been resolved, and that what you are trying to get a diagnosis for now is the situation in your gut. Is that right?

    In my opinion, the best panel for looking at gut problems is the Diagnos-techs Expanded G.I. Panel. This panel includes the whole range of issues involving the gut. It will identify the types of bacteria that grow in a stool culture and their relative amounts. The urine H2S test is much less expensive, and it will tell you if very much H2S is being produced, presumably from sulfate-reducing bacteria in the gut. That's an interesting thing to know, but to get specific so that you know how to treat, the Diagnos-techs panel will give much more information.

    Some other helpful gut panels are the Metametrix GI Effects panel, the VIPdx Immunobilan test, and the Comprehensive Stool Analysis test, such as the one from Genova Diagnostics.

    The Metametrix panel includes quite a few aspects as well, and it detects the bacteria using a DNA analysis. Some bacteria won't grow very well in a culture, but this panel does not depend on that, because it analyzes the stool for the bacterial DNA that is already in it.

    The Immunobilan test is a blood test that analyzes for IgA and IgM antibodies to gram negative intestinal bacteria. This test will tell you whether your small intestine is overgrown with these unhelpful bacteria, and also whether you have a leaky gut.

    The Comprehensive Stool Analyses have been around for a long time, and they look at several aspects as well.

    It would be wonderful if a person could afford to run them all, but this usually isn't realistic. Given that, my choice would be the Diagnos-techs panel if I was going to run only one of them. Probably my second choice would be the Metametrix panel, because I think it has the potential to find bacteria that the tests using the culture technique are not able to find.

    I hope this is helpful.

    Best regards,

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    Thank you so much for taking the time to give me these suggestions. I wonder if I can assume my doctor will know about these tests?

    The reason I'm confused is because for so many years Candida was the only possibility. Now I'm personally hearing about other conditions that could be involved. Maybe the doctors are getting smarter?

    By the way, the right side pain wasn't resolved in the sense that anyone knew what caused it; it simply hasn't happened a third time.

    I'll order the urine test, get the blood results from the doctor and suggest to her one of these tests you mention. Fingers crossed.

    Thanks again,
  7. Marta608

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