Candida(yeast) home test...symptoms very similar to fibro/cfs.

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    This is a good test but kinda gross!!! I have been reading about this info today I feel like a yeast breeding ground for the past week, sinus infection, lips swollen, red and inflamed, mild yeast infection....geeze you name it...
    They say that candida is a big factor in Fibro symptoms and a lot of others.

    Simple Home Candida Test:

    Here is a home Candida yeast test, one you can do in the morning. The source of this home Candida test is unknown but it's been around a long time and is thought to be quite reliable in the evaluation of Candida symptoms:
    Up to 85% of Americans May Have Candida

    Try this Fast and FREE Candida Saliva Test!

    When you awake in the morning, before you put anything into your mouth, work up some saliva and spit it into a clear glass of water. Within 1-30 minutes, look in the glass. If there are strings coming down from your saliva, or if the water turned cloudy, or if your saliva sank to the bottom, YOU MAY HAVE A CANDIDA CONCERN! Healthy saliva will simply float on the top!

    (You may want to put out a glass of water in the bathroom or on the nightstand the night before you wish to do the home Candida Saliva test, just to remind yourself not to brush your teeth prior to spitting into the glass.)




    and got the strings!! Gross but effective. I have a doctors appointment today, I guess I'll tell her about this. Although My doctor is kinda strange some days she's open to suggestions and some times she's not.

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    I'll give it a go !

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