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    I am just wondering how many people believe in Candida as a cause for chronic pain and fatigue. I don't know if I do or not. In the past I did and was taking Nystatin and was on the special diet. I remember starting to feel better until I got a kidney infection and was in the hospital on I.V antibiotics. I was worse after that. This was a long time ago, but recently I had to have my appendix out and of course had a lot of antibiotics, and I know since then my worst problem, headaches, has been worse. I don't know if it could be candida or what. I know a lot of people think candida is a made up medical problem. I just wondered what experience any of you have had with it and if there are natural products which can help.
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    It is a strange phenomenon, but I believe there is truth to it. You really need to take your pro-biotics. It says on my new bottle, take 2 hours after taking anti-biotics. I was on anti-biotics in Dec. for a sinus infection. Well, I got a yeast infection. Then in Jan. I got another sinus infection and saw a different doc. She put me on a milder anti-bio. and explained about the pro-biot. I'm keeping my fingers crossed this time and praying that my body can handle everything.

    I have a book called The Bible Cure for Candida & Yeast Infections by Don Colbert, MD. It's a helpful guide about food and supplements/vitamins to take to overcome the overgrowth.

    Don't give up, try couldn't hurt, right? Good luck and I hope you feel better soon!
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    Candida is a real medical problem whether doctors like to acknowledge it or not. But I think it can go beyond that. It can be more than candida, that is only one type of fungal infection, but it is the most common found in the human body.

    I have tried to get rid of it for a long time with no success. Pro-biotics, enzymes, you name it. Have not done to well with the diet part. I think whether it is bacterial, viral, parasitic, or fungal it is because of a compromised immune system. How to correct that is the key question which no one seems to really focus on! It is not normal for most people to have these terrible problems with Candida. It is the way or bodies are reacting to it. Something for thought!

    If you want to try something non-advasive for it, try Candidase by Enzymedica. It is an enzyme, go slow at 1 capsule three times per day. My friend is a herbalist and highly recommends these. See if it helps and take it on an empty stomach. If you have a lot of die off, by the Virastop by the same compnay and take them together. It is expensive, but if you stick to a strict diet and don't like pharmaceuticals, it is a very good alternative depending how bad the problem is. Best of luck to you.
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    Even my primary care physician agrees it is real. It's hard to deny as many cancer and aids patients suffer from it due to low immune systems.

    There is a blood test for it that many physicians use to determine if it's a problems. Many doctors who treat lyme disease use this test for their patients who take long term antibiotics to treat the lyme disease.

    Candida is a real problem for me, but not my only problem. When my candida flares, I get very sick and experience more pain.
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    Fhanks for all your replies. I may try the Threelac or the Candidase. Do any of you know if either contains Sorbitol of Splenda? I seem to have a horrible reaction to that stuff. It's in so many flavored powders. I have recently given up birth control pills that I took for many years and also tapering off Cymbalta. I don't want to do too many things at once, but I probably do have a yeast problem that needs treated. Has anyone treated it with Olive Leaf Extract?
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    Threelac does not contain sorbitol or splenda. One poster mentioned getting well in five days with threelac. Just wanted to mention that it doens't usually happen that way with a systemic yeast infection. It will take months or even a year to get rid of it. You may feel relief sooner than that, but it takes time to get rid of a systemic infection.

    Good luck!!
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    I've done various yeast-free diets, Nystatin, and probiotic supplements over the years, with limited success (can't stick to the diets!). After being treated for over a year with low-level antibiotics for recurrent urinary tract infections (and overwhelming fatigue in excess of my "normal" CFS!), finally tried ThreeLac (it was finally available). Started with low dose and had some die-off, but could get off antibiotics (with doctor's consent, OF COURSE) after just six days (something I had tried before but never achieved).

    Full systemic yeast treatment for me took a lot of ThreeLac and more than six months. Two (?) years later I continue to take it as a maintenance, though at lower amounts. Candida overgrowth has a lot of effects (diverse and variable) on the body. If you think you have candida (likely after antibiotics), it is certainly something to treat. One doesn't need THAT and CFS/FM. Antibiotics, of course, kill off the good intestinal flora with the bad - a good probiotic can help restore the balance.

    All the best,