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    doesanyone have any info about taking natto fermented soybeans for candida, it is full of good bacteria and enzymes but is fermented. paul
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    If you have candida issues, go to and order the Fortune Delight - you'll want to drink it slowly but it's awesome for candida b/c it creates an alkaline environment (which is important in getting your balance back internally) AND it's good with getting rid of candida. You'll probably want to take it slow since candida die-off is no fun but you can order a 60-pack for like $38 and use a half pack a day - that will last you quite awhile.

    I also recommend the vitadophilus - which is the good bacteria in an apple pectin base so that it can survive the stomach acids and actually make it down into your intestines where it is needed.

    Finally, how's your diet? If you really want to get rid of candida overgrowth, I'd recommend having a good diet. If you want more ideas on what that is, let me know!

    Good luck!