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    First I tried coconut oil. It was very effective in the beginning but then seemed to wear off as my yeast symptoms began to come back.
    Next my FFC doc put me on Nystatin. It worked but I was nervous cause it was a very high dose and I hated to think what was happening to my liver.
    After reading what Stormyskye wrote about Threelac I decided to give it a try.
    Love it. Worked my way up to 4 packs per day (an expensive habit). Tried to cut back but felt my symptoms creeping back in.
    I've had my Threelac habit for about 7 months now and have decided it's time to cycle it with something else.
    I heard about Kolorex (made from the New Zealand horopito leaf).
    Anyone here ever try it?
    Success or no ???
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    Sorry I can't help more...