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    I have been told the past 2 years that I most likely had candidaisis... I finally got a yeast panel done with evenstar... nope, no candida!! it was a throat swab and a stool sample.. Both negative, so thats one less thing to worry about
    I just wish a doctor would have tested me for it instaed of me being in the dark for this long and then having to take my own actions..
    oh well, par for the course right?? guess its good in a way, if I said I had it and tested negative they would probably treat me like a hypochodriac, and never believe a word I said
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    It's a shame that you had to wait so long. I've often had to play games to get tested for certain things. Makes me extra mad when I'm paying out of pocket anyway, it's my money!

    That said, and apart from possible candidiasis, a low-sugar and low-refined carb diet often helps many with CF/FM/ME & other things, etc...

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    i had a throat swab done on me last week, waiting on my result of that, but how reliable is that swab of the throat for candiada, that is in the body, you would still have it in the body if no other test for the body is none.

    i would definately need more testing for the candida overgrowth,
    of my body,but dont know who can do it.

    cause swabing the throat is just for

    i will ask my doctor to do another stool sample the last time she check for parasites, negative for all 3 stool samples
    this time i will see if she knows anything about stool sample for candida.

    is there a lap that i can call to find out if they do this test.....and thanks[This Message was Edited on 10/28/2009]
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    the reliability of many tests are questionable... wonder what the reliability of the stool test is. I have heard it's not that great, that the best test is to eliminate all the foods for several months while keeping a diary pre-doing it, while doing it, and after 2-3 months, so you have something to compare.

    Sometimes things improve so slowly, whether with medications or diet, it's really hard to know or remember without that documentation.

  5. street129

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    i have not eating anything sweet since APRIL when i was "told" i have this thing call candida,
    but back in late july, after my rapid weight lost, i binch on cake, cheescake...yummy, and other sweety stuff, for a whole week, I WANTED TO SEE IF MY WEIGHT WOULD RETURN,

    till one day i look at my tongue, boy was i in for the shock of my life......

    my whole touch was white like snow, it was snowing in my tongue, so that alone concinve me THAT IM full of yeast overgrowth, right away on the 26th of july, i made a chart on my wall and record when i stop eating any sweet of any kind, so as of yesterday its been 3 months of no sugar what so ever, my tongue is not that white anymore, but now im battleing taking ANTIBIOTIC FOR 14 DAYS FOR H.PYLORI. ALONG WITH MULTIPLE PROBIOTICS, AND HERBAL TEA TO BOOST MY IMMUNE SYSTEM., WHEN WILL IT END. GOD HEAR MY PRAYERS.
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    I order tests from they have a lot of test you can do at home adrenal testing yeast panel hormone testing etc
  7. hannahfaid

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    I am glad not to have the candida, but I still have like 32 food sensitivities..chocolate, dairy, wheat,cherries, vanilla, eggs...ok everything is made with wheat dairy and eggs!! LOL
    I try to watch sugar but I am a coke-a-holic.. bad for me but until I get past some of the stress in my life, its my crutch
  8. herbqueen

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    The Autism labs/folks are the experts in yeast! I used Great Plains Labs Organic Acid test (tests for many issues/including yeast). It is a urine test. You order the test kit. Have your Dr. fill out the request section(hopefully you have a cooperative GP). The great thing is Great Plains takes insurance for this and and many of their tests. They took mine which is Blue Cross Blue Shield.

    I tested positive for yeast and continued to test positive even after intense candida diet and nystatin. The next step for me is the Dr. McCandless candida protocol (Diflucan plus another drug.. can't remember what it is -I'll post it). Anyway Diflucan is the core peice of protocol. I fall in the FMS/Neuro (optic neuritis)/maybe Lyme Disease Category. But given I test positive for yeast and I have a skin fungal infection my Dr. and I agreed we'd tackle the yeast first and then try abx for Lyme since abx would only make the yeast worse and fungal infections can cause all of the same symptoms. Diflucan can have detrimental effects on the liver-so you have to do liver testing while taking it.

    Dr. McCandless is a leader in autism treatment/also big advocate of LDN therapy.

    Dr. Jaquelyn McCandless' Prescription Treatment for Candida and fruits allowed
    with an anti-candida diet. More info on the LDN/Yahoo message board also Brenda's LDN yahoo message board (Brenda is on LDN for MS).

    Dr. McCandless' protocol for those with insurance is diflucan
    (fluconazole) and for you 100mg twice daily for three
    weeks, along with flagyl (metronidazole) 500mg twice a
    day for 10 days, stop 4 days (to let the spores hatch
    out) then 10 more days. Highly recommend you take
    good hi-potency probiotics to replace the gut with
    good bugs - these are never prescribed, but so
    necessary for all of us for good gut health. Be sure
    to keep the probiotics and the metronidazole 2 hours
    apart, as the probiotics (good bugs) will be destroyed
    by the metronidazole. I'm sure no need to mention
    eliminate ALL refined sugar (if you love it, it is
    your yeast screaming, "SUGAR, SUGAR, SUGAR!!!". Even
    too much fruit sugar is bad, especially strawberries,
    watermelon, pineapple, and ripe bananas, and no apple
    or grape products, as yeast love these fruits.
    Acceptable fruits are kiwi, pears, and berries in
    season except for strawberries. Best wishes, Dr. JM
    (feel free to share this for those who need
    prescription strength yeast treatment).
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    Just one more point-there is alot of overlap with the treatment and detailed blood work of kids wiht autism and adults with FMS/cFS/autoimmune etc. That is why I began looking at the treatments they are using with autism .Also research GAPS theory for Autism and autoimmune. GUT AND PSYCHOLOGY SYNDROME. Theory is that gut health is the key to immune system and key to helping/curing kids with autism and adults with immune system. The key GAPS dr. in UK who cured her autistic son uses the SCD/GAPS diet -specific carb diet. Basically a no grain diet/no sugar diet to kill of the bad bacteria in the gut. Google GAPS/autism. etc.