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    Hi all! This is only my 2nd time posting here - last time was llloonngg ago!

    Any of you have systemic candidiasis? My doc had advised me last year to try a long term treatment for it, although we had done no diagnostic testing.

    Now..... this may be long, so hang on -

    6 weeks ago a routine urine test showed I had a urinary tract infection. Antibiotics for that. Then the pap test came back (both tests done the same day, not the cause of the UTI) showing a yeast infection. A few weeks later I went to my ear nose throat doc for long term sore throats (10 years worth) and he advised tonsillectomy. Yeah!!! lol
    The next day I saw a new ortho who gave me a cortisone injection for in my right knee ( I have osteo, found out in both knees, fingers and right hip).

    A few days later I began having a terrible metallic taste in my mouth. My regular doc didn't have a clue when I went to see her for, get this, another UTI and a bronchial infection. Another round of antibiotics. When that was done it was time for :TONSILLECTOMY!!!

    Last monday evening I had it done. (massive antibiotics during the operation and started a new round when I went home) Oh Lord. It wasn't too bad that night, after throwing my guts up. The next day was bearable. But from Tuesday on it's been hell. Severe severe severe pain that meds only dull. Then no sleep because of pain and because when I'd try to sleep my airway would be blocked and I'd wake up choking.

    Luckily I saw the doc on Friday, and guess what? I HAVE THRUSH - badly!!! And a swollen uvula (the little hangy thing in the back of the throat)! Another cortisone shot for the swelling and a "stronger"? pain med.

    2 days go by and I'm in the emergency room at 6am for the choking feeling again. The doc was GREAT! Again the swollen uvula. This time I got a 7 day scrip for prednisone and a shot. I felt better than I had for a week. Until I slept for 3 hours (a record) and woke up in more severe pain at 1:30 am.

    So, (finally) any of you with long term candidiasis out there? Does it sound like I may have it? What do I do?

    By the way, my dx's are: fibromyalgia (3??years ago - I've had symptoms since childhood and my mom has it); IBS, TMJ, achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis both feet; migraines (just diagnosed); right elbow, left shoulder, right groin tendonitis; fatigue (duh); multiple HORRIBLE tender points; burning, pain and sometimes rashes from pressure on skin, especially right torso; muscle spasms; internal scar tissue buildup causing menstrual/IBS cramping; degenerative disk disease w/3 bulging lumbar disks and spinal bone spurs, w/possible sciatica, and constant low back pain from mild to severe; osteoarthritis; intermittent depression, usuallly not treated; hashimoto's thyroiditis (a type of hypothyroidism) as yet untreated cause the hormones are in the normal range - yeah right; and many many more things I can't think of right now (imagine that!!!).

    As you all know daily living is a constant struggle, trying to do things when you have no energy and work around the pain to get anything done. My house is always a wreck. I always look like I raided garbage cans for my clothes, cause I can't stand to wear anything that puts pressure on my skin, ESPECIALLY a bra - misery. Other than that I look "normal". Except for the v shaped rash on my chest, like my mom has too.

    If candida is contributing to some of this stuff, I'd like to know. For years now, often when I eat I the edges of my mouth will burn and crack. I've talked to the doc about it and she didn't know why. Now I see that can also be from thrush. For years???

    I am 45, married (2nd time) 3 adult children, one disabled with Tourette Syndrome and back problems, daughter showing some fibro symptoms and back problems, 1 "normal" son, 3 adult stepsons, 1 stepgranddaughter.

    I haven't been able to work for almost 4 years, and have just applied for my first SSDI appeal. It will, oh joy, be in front of an administrative law judge. I am terrified.

    Sorry for rambling. A combination of strong pain meds and LACK OF SLEEP. Or is it just me??? lol

    Any input would be appreciated, and sorry for the length of this post.
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    Boy, you've been through the wringer lately! I'm so sorry.

    You may have systemic candida, to me the thrush & vaginal yeast infection sound suspicious. You CAN be tested for this, you need to do some investigating in your area to find a competent doctor (mine is an MD allergist/immunologist) who knows how to test for this. They will take stool, urine samples, etc. Mine was all covered by insurance.

    I originally THOUGHT I had the systemic candida. I did not have thrush, but I had many of your symptoms, and I had had periods of time in past years where I had chronic sinus infections & was on antiobiotics for months at a time, plus had been on prednisone treatments on & off. Overuse of antibiotics, steroids, and/or estrogen is supposed to make a person more susceptible to systemic candida. After thorough testing, I found out I did NOT have systemic candida, instead I had severe food allergies & "leaky gut" syndrome. This is why I say, please GET TESTED. You may be treating the wrong thing otherwise. I took the "test" in the Dr. Crook "Yeast Connection" book & scored off the charts----but, in the final analysis, did not have a systemic yeast infection. My food allergies produced a lot of the same symptoms. You need to nail down the cause so you can treat the right thing.

    If you do have systemic candida, there is a definite diet (eliminating all sugar sources----I do this anyway because of my food allergies) plus there are both natural supps & prescription drugs that will help eradicate the yeast.

    Good luck; the underlying problems lurking beneath this DD are tough to figure out. I hope you find the answer so you can begin treating it & feeling better!

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    How are you feeling, by the way? I know you've been going through some tough stuff lately (lyme, right?) Hope you are doing better!

    I was lucky enough to find an area MD who is an allergist/immunologist who specializes in CFS/FM/autism. He uses both natural methods & traditional medicine, which for me, is the best of both worlds. He did scratch testing, & blood testing. Your son sounds a lot like me----milk, wheat & soy turned out to be my biggest offenders, also eggs, potatoes, corn, some fish. Betsy, as I've written here a lot lately, I never even had a clue! I had had inhalant allergies all my life, sneezed at pollen, grasses, mold, etc. but I can't tell you the number of times in my life I've said, "but I'm lucky----I don't have any food allergies!" thinking I didn't. I was under the misconception that if you had a food allergy, you either a) ate a peanut & were immediately rushed to the hospital, or b) ate a certain food & got stomach cramps or vomited. I never knew food allergies & the whole "leaky gut" syndrome can slowly wreck your immune system over time. I had eaten all these foods my whole life, and my symptoms were my FM symptoms: fatigue, flu-like pain, migraines, neurological symptoms. I don't know that I'd go so far as to say that my food allergies totally caused my FM, but I believe they have been a huge underlying factor perpetuating my FM & making it seem progressive.

    I do the rotation diet, and do not eat ANY milk products, gluten/wheat, soy, or eggs. I occasionally eat a bite of corn or potato (my lesser allergens) but seldom; I'm not perfect! I eat mainly fresh fruit, lots of fresh veggies, chicken, turkey, some fish, some legumes, brown rice & wild rice (those last two are my only grains). It takes a lot of planning at first, but it gets easier. I can use olive oil, canola & sunflower oil (the rest I'm allergic to). I do the rotation as best I can, but I'm not a fanatic about it. I just try not to ever eat anything day after day, & stick to the rotation as much as I can. Your son probably doesn't have to watch his weight, but I have lost 25 lbs. on this diet, because I'm not downing the starchy carbs like I used to! I was a big fan of pretzels, fresh bread, crackers, etc.----all no no's for me now. BTW, the soy is tough----it's in things you wouldn't suspect----so you really have to be careful.

    This isn't an FM "cure", but I am feeling a lot more energetic, & less pain. Pain was never as big an issue for me as the neuro symptoms of FM (tingling extremities, muscle twitching, swollen-feeling hands), and while those haven't disappeared, I feel like they just don't bother me like they used to. BTW, it took at least 6-8 weeks for me to start to notice improvements, so be patient. Feeling better, though, gives me great incentive to keep at the diet.

    When I started this, I got a lot of good support from others here who had been on rotation diets, & found out it wasn't the end of the world! It's pretty easy now. And I can't imagine ever going back to eating milk & gluten products, especially; it's not that I don't miss them (pizza!) but I feel so much better off them, and I know those two products alone were keeping me from losing some needed-to-lose pounds---that's been the nice side benefit of this allergy diet.

    Finding a really good allergist is key----definitely not all allergists do thorough testing like this. Mine also does the candida testing, the real specific thyroid tests, etc. As I said, I originally went to him for the candida testing---finding out about food allergies was a complete surprise.

    Hope this helps!


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    Yes I am a BIGGGG BEATLES fan, and a mom to boot, so, Beatlemom!! I have 2 older brothers, so I had to, of course,
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    Kid sonny-

    You didn't sound insensitive!!!

    I have tried 3 times to send a complete post in reply to you all! Hope this one works!

    Thanks to all for this input. As soon as possible I will look into to the testing for systemic candidiasis.

    But - I cannot believe this - I learned yesterday that my doc's physician's assistant - has been FIRED !! This is the one who has treated me the most in the past 10 years, and my kids and sometimes my mom!!! We are devastated!!!

    She had tried to get me to take meds for candida last year!! I had planned on getting an appt. with her soon to try it again. She was the most caring, considerate and interested person I've dealt with in the medical field - probably why she got tanked!!!

    I'm so upset. She too has fibro, and so was so sympathetic to what I've been going through. I'm going to write a