Candy (YC1) please check in

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Granniluvsu, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. Granniluvsu

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    Hey sweetie please check the Porch for my message. It is to long for me to write again. No one is mad at you !

    Hope to hear from you VERY soon ! I am starting to worry about you again. I know how tender hearted and sweet you are but don't GET UPSET because you thought people were mad or upset at you. Now that is being silly. Please go to the porch !!

    I wish you would stop running away when you think someone is upset at you or something especially when it is not true. I KNOW that you are a stronger person than that with all you are doing for your sister and FIL. You are a strong person and a very good one too.


  2. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I hope you read all the posts cause everyone is wondering why you are leaving. Mrdad had no clus and neither do I. I keep re reading the posts and cannot find anything anyone said that should have upset you. I have not even been back to the porch yet this morning so have no clue what is going on and what volume they are on.

    Did you read ALL the posts where Mrdad was asking what he said or did?. Mrdad is a character and most times he is just,kidding around. I don't remember what he said before that might have got you upset. I forgot to warn you that he is a jokester and is always saying silly things. Take them with a huge grain of salt.

    You also thought that you said something to upset him which he said you did NOT upset him at all.

    Sweetie, we all want you to be yourself and if you tell it like it is that is fine. Others do the same thing, some only worse. Some are even worse but they have hardened their skin so to speak after all they have been through, like Elaine. You have to take what she says to with a huge grain of salt. Did you read S-Elaine's bio, she has been through alot to !!

    I understand that you are very upset about your sister and esp now the apparent worsening of your dear FIL. I am so sorry to hear that.

    You mentioned something about you were sorry yoou said something to me and apologized. I didn't even know you had upset me. If it had anything at all to do with my age. That was nothing. I just said check it out on my bio and I think I might have even given it to you at that time. I am not one of those that gets upset at people knowing my age. I may kid about it and stuff but that is all.

    This is really upsetting me and some of the porch cause we cannot figure it out. Is there any particular person that that really upset you? I know you can't tell me exactly who it was that upset you but can you give me an idea of what was said to you that hurt you so much to the point of leaving.

    Like I said, I and no one else can figure it out and will miss seeing you there. If you just get used to some of our crazy personalities. If anyone says anything that may sound harsh it most likely is not (like Elaine). She is fun and goofy and tells it like it is but is a good skate and has a kind heart, like you, mostly because of what she has been through and her father. That is why most people come there for NO STRESS and alot of kidding around.

    I am very baffled cause I think I can usually pickup on a harsh or mean remark . Also because of some really mean people, we have also taken to reporting it to the moderators so they can check them out and possibly remove them from the boards for causing trouble. Also, this does not usually happen on the Porch or chit chat boards.

    Last night I read all the posts again on the porch and could not figure it a out. You had apologized the first time for implying that you had to few friends on the board and that was FINE. Then I came back to check the boards again and you said you were leaving. I wish you could tell me what has hurt you or think you saw or read.

    No one was mean or anything. Elaine too was being her outspoken but silly self but at the end asked if she could be your friend. You never know what is going to come out of her mouth either.

    Wish you would come back, really check it out and give us another chance. The porch has been very helpful for me and many others.

    I realize that you are at a very sad time now with your sick family and we are all so sorry for that. I also know and seen how much you can help others by yout posts

    Please forgive this length and all the repetition but this thing has gotten me crazy and sort of upset.

    Love and much hugs,

  3. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    It is up to you and no one can make you return but I am still very perplexed shall we say as are some others. You will be missed I know. You are selling yourself to short hon.

    I guess I will see you around the boards since you feel so strongly and are so upset at the Porch for some reason. Just know that you will be welcomed back if you ever want to return. You obviously feel uncomfortabale there for some reason so you do what you want and what makes you feel better. Stress is not what you or anyone of us needs. You have enough of it in your life (-: !

    My very best to you and to your family. I will be thinking about you, your family and what you are going through. Feel free to contact me at any time. I check out all the boards but usually on the CHIT CHAT side MOST of the time. Oaccsionally I go to the FM boards.

    Could I at least ask you what it was you thought I was upset at (since it concerns ME)? Just curious ??!!

    Love and blessings,
    A perplexed Granni (-: !!
  4. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member


    Thanks for at least letting ME know that I am not going crazy for missing something on the porch that might have been said and upset Candy. I am so upset that she is, even if we cannot find or figure out the reason.


    At least consider someone else's opinion that they did not see anything offensive. However, as I said in another post, if it is SO upsetting to you, you do what you feel comfortable doing. You do not need any more stress, even if it was something unintended or that no one else can figure out.

    More hugs and blessings to you both,

  5. monica33flowers

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    I wish you would stay with all of us here on the Chit Chat Board and on the Porch.

    I love reading your posts, you have such a gentle, kindhearted spirit that always gives me a smile. I'm sorry I haven't told you this in the past as I take for granted that people just "know" how I feel and I'm so wrong in that assumption. I need to tell people more often how much they mean to me! You are a very special friend, Candy, and I'm sorry for not saying that earlier to you on the Porch.

    Plus, I haven't been on the board a lot lately since I've had lots of dr. appointments and these darn migraines are kicking my butt again. I also started a new thread, Garden Com Post and just trying to keep up with that has been hard for me lately.

    Please know that you are very much loved on this board and your presence would be greatly missed!

    Gentle Cyber Hugs My Friend!

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