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    I currently use a cane. I had been using one for about a month b4 my rheumy "prescribed" one for me for stability (put it in the chart) about 6 weeks ago.

    The thing is, having to walk long distances - from apt to parking lot for example - just wear me out! I get shaky and the left side that is weak to begin with feels worse and the right side feels crummy for trying to lug the left side along. Trying to get thru the apt doors (the front door have an outside door into the vestibule then an inside door, then your apt door) these doors are real heavy and I've gotten stuck in the doors trying to manage with a cane and a weak body.

    I guess I should ask my rheumy to prescribe a walker? Is the next step? I am worried that I will eventually end up in a wheelchair and not able to roll myself around because my left arm and hand are so weak. If a doctor prescribes it, is that how the insurance will cover it? Does anyone know? It's durable medical equipment right?

    This majorly sucks and I am soooo depressed!

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    I went the opposite way. When I was first diagnosed I was on a walker. Then I found the right doctor who gave me meds, exercises, DVDs and advice. I then went to a cane.
    After I followed all the things he gave me: no more cane.
    I sometimes wonder, like you, will I end up in a wheel chair, but somehow I doubt it.

    I have gotten depressed also, but took action against it.
    The way is to fight your way out of it and use of good meds.

    You take care!