canes? a ? for those who use them mom needs one

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    I talked to my mom tonite and she said that she really needs a cane. Her health is deteriating so quickly. She has FM and lots of other problems. She has limited strength each day and feels very unsteady on her feet. So, I come to you and ask knowing that your experience and knowledge will greatly help me in finding a good one for her.
    What are the best kinds to use?
    Because of limited income would she qualify for any assistance in purchasing one?
    Where should I look for one?

    Since my energy is limited I am not up to figuring this one out so any help you can give me is greatly appreciated. :)
    So hard to see her doing so poorly and to remember how she use to be and then to see how much I have already changed at my age because of the FM and my other health problems. So sad that the only ones who understand are those of us who are suffering and thank God for this board or I would feel completely alone. I thank you in advance for your time in responding......Blessings , Kathleen
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    I truly don't know where to tell you to go for a cane. What about her doctor? Couldn't he give her a prescription/recommend a cane and it could be gotten cheaper from a medical supply store?

    Or, you could call the 'Salvation Army' stores, if you can't afford something like that, they will give it to you. The Good Will Stores would be another good source, they are very inexpensive too.

    I am sure one of the nurses on the board will be able to advise you.

    I sure hope both your and your Mom feel better soon. I am sorry to hear she is not doing well now.

    I sure hope the New Year will bring many good things your way.

    Shalom, Shirl

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    Try one of the service clubs in your area such as the Lions, Kiwanis or one of the local charity stores. My mom got her walker through the Lions club for free. All they aksed was that she return it in good condition when she was through with it. Before the walker she was also able to get a three pronged cane at Volunteers of America, a charity store in Michigan (no charge). Of course these may subject to availability so you may want to call before driving to any of these organizations to see if any are available. Additionally, if her doctor is willing to give her a script and she is entitled to Medicare, Medicare will pay for the purchase of a can from what I understand. My prayers are with you