Canker sore on your tongue????

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    I have read about people getting alot of mouth sores but do any of you get sores on your tongue?? It is like the taste buds are swelling up and they get red sometimes. They are VERY Painful and never stop. I get a steroid paste from the doc and use alot of Oragel to help them but as I said, they ALWAYS come back.

    If you get them, what do you do for it and do you know why we do get them?? I am tired of the pain.

    thanx, teawah
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    I get those, I just ignore them, I figure we can only treat about 100 things and those are (for me) one of the tolerable symptoms, I have just assumed they are similar to or are a herpes virus like on the lips, I don't get those on the lip but I do get a lot of them on my tongue or the inside of my cheeks.

    Sorry I can't offer any insight, someone who comes along will probably have more answers than I.

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    Hi Teawah: I am the queen of canker sores. I have severe canker sores since age 2 (I'm 46 now). Had to have prescription med. That med is now OTC and I couldn't live without it The name is Orobase w/benzocaine. You apply a little bit directly on the sore and the benzocaine numbs it completely and it will stay in place for hours. You can find it in most stores with the toothpaste and Orojel products. I've had the sores on the back of my throat and on the under side of my tongue - you name the spot, I've had a sore there. The way you describe your sores, though, makes me wonder if these are really canker sores. I get those HORRIBLY PAINFUL, little tiny "taste bud" things. They are not like an open canker sore, but more like one of the little nodules on your tongue is getting ready to pop (weird explanation). My mom used to call them sugar bumps, but then she also said you get them when you lied!!!! My mom - you gotta love her. It always amazes me that something so tiny can be SSSSOOOO painful.
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    I've only had one big one on my tongue but get them in my mouth,etc.The Dr. told me to rinse my mouth out with peroxide.Just don't swallow it.Peroxide kills germs and keeps them from getting infected.Peroxide doesn't have much of a taste but it does leave some aftertaste, but it's not too bad.My Dr. said that they are a form of herpes.That in some people this virus gets in your body and stays but will keep coming out every so often. bejo
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    I notice my mouth sores occur when I've consumed too many carbs. Not so much with the starchy veggies, but definitely with breads and junk foods.
    I use Orajel at the first sign of a breakout and they are gone within a few days.