Canker sores (mouth sores)

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by edveitch, Mar 26, 2003.

  1. edveitch

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    I have suffered from canker sores all my life. Nothing has ever helped. For the last two years, when a set of sores are going away, a new group of sores are poping up. Recently, I put myself on the Adkins diet, I lost 12 pounds in about two weeks, and also my mouth sores. I haven't had any sores while on the diet. In the last week I went off the diet and the sores came back. I believe that either certain carbs or to many carbs in your diet cause the sores. As long as I eat a low carb diet the sores stay away.
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    Howdy! I love finding people at this board with my same symptoms or problems. Have had canker sores since I was 2 (46 now). I would get several at a time and they had to give me prescription meds. When my father died, I had 8 canker sores within 2 days. Like you said, some would go away, but the next batch started. My sores have always been related to stress. The only thing that helps me is OTC Orabase with benzocaine (found at most stores by toothpaste or Orajell items. REALLY helps the pain by numbing it. I COULD NOT live without it. I haven't had them for a while now, but now I get weird "open areas" on the roof of my mouth. I have not noticed any difference with particular foods, but then again, wasn't concentrating on that. Good luck!
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    I'm a Captain at a Fire Dept.. I'm under a lot of stress also. But when I cut out the carbs, they went away and stayed away. I've had none since watching my carbs, plus I'm losing weight.
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    Guys I have suffered for years with thems. I have not had a diet effect them. Stress flares them up. As soon as you feel one coming on have a perscription of Valtrax or Acyclivir(generic) on hand. This is what they give for genital herpes. I was most embarrassed when I had it filled but it is a anti - viral drug now. NOT just for genital herpes. Anyway if it gets in your system early enough the sore probably won't come up and if it does it won't stay long. Just hold your head up when picking up your persription.

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    I live in northern Wisconsin where there's lots of pines, hemlocks and spruce so the water here tends to be on the acidic side. As a kid I always had lots of canker sores. Went to college, they disappeared. Moved to the southern part of the state (Madison), still no canker sores. Moved back north, lots of canker sores. I now use distilled or filtered water for drinking, making coffee and brushing my teeth (using toothpaste with peroxide). Having a drink made with ice that was made with local water also seems to give me problems. I still get occasional sores (have one right now, drank coffee made with regular water 2 days ago) especially if I have a cold or when I'm not feeling well. Other than that I've been doing alright. It may just be a placebo effect at work here but that's ok with me. Funny thing is though, I had friends in Madison that had problems with canker sores when living there while I didn't. The body's a mysterious organism.