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    Hi all, just need to sound off for awhile........
    I have always read and felt like I was different b/c I had
    very understanding Drs and I was able to get my meds thru Insurance ...... LTD had not denied me ..... UNTIL NOW.....I am facing going off all meds b/c health insurance has been terminated (have a few pills left) ....cannot afford to pay Drs to see me.....and I feel like I am not able to contribute to my family.......What did I do to cause this pain and suffering? I used to think I would get better and be able to go back to work but not the case.. my employer told me if i did not file ltd my position would be terminated so I filled just to get denied 2 yrs later
    b/c (they say) my drs did not send in enough information ........... I have copies of letters sent to them....anyway I guess it could be worse but I sure do miss the help I was getting from my meds.....vicoden, paxil cr, neurontin, mobic, ambien, zaneflex, oxycontin.........had a few others but they have been long gone and I have forgotten!!!! Yes I cannot seem to remember much .....Oh yeah, they say I have chronic pain (had 3 lower back surgeries and a 3 level posterier fusion in neck.....some carpel surgery also.....fibromyalgia.
    I have been told to find a lawyer but I am having a hard time finding one since it is under insurance law......always thought lawyers would love to represent something like, I will close and hope all have a peaceful evening......any advise I would appreciate thanks
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    I don't have any good advise to offer you, and I really wish I did. Just wanted you to know I feel for you and I will pray for your problems to find a quick solution for you. I am so sorry about you having such a hard time.
    Take care and know you are not alone!
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    I have always had pretty good health insurance and I only have to pay 20% for meds but about 10 minutes, I saw on another board where someone listed a lot of sites to get free meds. Let me go check and I will copy and paste them for you in the next reply.
    Sorry you have to go through this. Stress added to pain just makes our pain worse.
  4. sierrasioux

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    This is for anyone, but has a link for fast help esp. for hurricane survivors:
    this is over at the message boards under pain management--do you need help buying your scripts is the title of the post

    hopes this helps some--it sure isn't going to hurt anything to look into it.
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    Hi, I am so sorry for the stress you are under. I understand your situation, I have no health care insurance either. This is what you need to do.

    1)You need to find a health care clinic that charges you according to your income. They use a sliding scale. If you have no income then they will treat you for free. Also they will help you get your meds for free. You may run into trouble with trying to get the big time narcs from them, but hopefully if you bring in your med records the MD. will be willing to work with you on that. Almost any mid sized town has a clinic like this. To find one near you you may be able to use the internet, or look in the community pages of the phone book, or talk to your old dr. he should know. Also your local hospital operator would be able to give you some info. Also the medicaid office would have the info.

    2)Get down to the medicaid office asap! Fill out the paper work to try to get approved for medicaid. They have to do a medical review so be ready with all the names, numbers, addresses of all previous doctors. also get ALL of your med records together for yourself. This includes hospital, doctors, labs, radiology etc.It may take up to five months before you get an answer from them. That is why it is important to get a doctor at a sliding scale clinic first!

    3) I don't know if you have already filled for social sucurity or not. If you havn't, hurry up and do it! The process is long as I am sure you have read. But you have to get the ball rolling.

    I know it is hard to do all of this when you feel so ill, but you have to do it so you can get help to feel better. You have worked hard in your life, there are alot of people out there who never work and just take advantage of these programs. You deserve to have the assistance and you need it!! Get to the clinic fast so you can continue to get your meds.

    I hope this was helpfull! Please if there are more circumstances you have not wrote let me know. I also no of other programs for meds etc.

  6. cyoa1956

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    Thanks so very much for the replies.....I will get right on this and do as you guys have informed me to do.....I have read alot of messages on this board and appreciate each and every one of you.....I only hope I get as informed and can help others as you all have helped me....just knowing someone else knows what you are going thru is uplifting....I feel as if I have new extended family.....Thanks again!
  7. chopindog

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    Its chopindog (joy) again. Just wondering, who was LTD provider? Also are you still working?

  8. cyoa1956

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    New to this board, so I hope I am not out of line by saying my LTD carrier was MetLife.....Haven't worked since June 2002.
  9. PVLady

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    I have been posting about a place you can call to either get your meds free or discounted. It is a non-profit org. that helps with the paperwork.

    Montel Williams is endorsing the program. I will try to find the post and bump it.
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    About the LTD insurance. I have unum provident and they have a clause that says that my illness is a self described illness, and therefor at 24 months they will terminate my policy if I don't have the labs or diagnostic tests to prove my dissability. I am not sure why they dropped you, But all of the LTD companys pull this stuff. You can find alot of posts and info on this website.

    Go to the upper left hand corner and search these key words.
    2)Unum provident
    4)Long term dissability.
    %)LTD denial

    You will find a lot of helpfull info from others who have had this happen.Keep fighting!!!