cannot do this anymore.....

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  1. babyk902

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    i'm sorry to be such a downer, but i'm seriously losing my mind - i was honestly about 90% recovered up until exactly a year ago... at that point i had just moved into a new house and also had major issues with mold and water leaks in my office. i don't know if it was the combination of both but i have never in my life ever felt SO bad and had so many neurological problems. i've had EVERY test under the sun and have tried every doctor and every supplement/remedy and am just constantly dizzy/spacey, feel out of it all the time, along with a ton of other symptoms, but i KNOW this all started from the leaks. I just feel like im in a 24/7 dream, my vision is blurry, it is just becoming so unbearable, and SO discouraging :( i just don't know what to do anymore, and honestly don't think i can handle it much longer. this cannot be life..
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    I felt like this the other week and i will feel it again and will it ever go away? Going through the wheels of life is exausting. I just stop and dont do much-I go to an active church so i can turn up to things when i can. I've given up alot over and over again. 8 months to hand in 2 asignments of a corrospondence course but i did it. I have never been able to get off the roller coaster over the last 10 yrs. It is even sadder since my 18yr old dog died last month- Bessie stayed with me 24 hrs a day. esp when im in bed or stuck on the couch. But we do survive and find days where we can function-please don't give up-
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    i agree- you need to leave- someone suggested in a post to go somewhere for three weeks and see how you feel. that makes good sense. then you'd know if it's the place you're living that's bringing you down. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT. don't accept impossible situation. i always tell myself to problem-solve my way out of whatever it is that is bringing me down. and report back what happens!!! best of luck, sascha
  4. Manwithfibro

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    It will bind mold toxins.

    Read Desperation Medicine by Shoemaker

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    I know your pain! It seems incredible to met that this is still an ungoing struggle with no real end in sight (I am on yr 8 now) All I can say is you are not alone and need to hang in there. We never know what is around the corner.
    I have been where you are too many times to count and feel much too young to live like this. Try and do something nice for yourself today. I am listening to music that takes my mind off things and day dreaming to take myself out of my body for a moment. Hang in there and good luck sista :)
  6. babyk902

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    thank you all for your posts - this has been THE HARDEST year of my entire life. things were going SO well, until all of these neurological problems from the mold developed -- i'm trying to be super positive. I know that my life is worth more than what it seems like right now - i know that things HAVE to get better, it's just devastating. I feel like i'm trapped in my own body and I just want to enjoy my life, like a normal person, especially when I feel so disoriented 24/7. I would never wish this on anyone. But i'm starting to take the Questran, as someone suggested, and I did take it for about a solid week straight but didn't feel any different, hopefully will help if I stay on it long enough. If anyone else has any other suggestions please let me know - I really appreciate it.
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    If you're not currently able to leave the moldy environment, you can at least get some substantial relief in the meantime while you rebuild your strength.

    I know we're not suppposed to advertise or recommend products, but when I was suffering as you are, my massage therapist suggested diffusing Young Living's Thieves oil (a proprietary blend). I kept the diffuser in my bedroom and was able to sleep (and breathe). Also, I went to an allergist who specialized in immunology and who'd done extensive research on mold. After a battery of tests, he Dx'd me with "allergic ashthma". Between the ibuterol inhaler, Pataday eyedrops, and Allegra (160 mg), I managed to move on, although my FM symptoms haven't exactly dissipated to former "normal" after being away from the mold for 99 months...

    Good luck, and I hope this helps.
  8. Grandma8

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    It sounds like you have Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. You said you moved into a new house.
    Did you really mean new, as in new construction? Many years ago, I moved into a new house;and, was sick from day one. I had headaches so bad that I thought I must have a brain tumor. I was also very depressed;and, my head felt so weird that I used to say that I felt like I was on drugs or something. I was eventually diagnosed with MCS. Apparently I was suffering from reactions to the new carpeting, paint;and, stains. One time, after we moved to another house with no carpeting, a woman who always wears a lot of perfume, visited for a short while. After she left, the house reeked of perfume. The next day, I was walking around my house thinking of ways to comit suicide. Chemicals definitely do affect the brain.
    Unfortunately, the best way to handle it, is avoidance. I have also found that taking Alka Seltzer Gold helps to stop, or in some cases, such as planned shopping trips,taking it in advance, helps to prevent reactions.
    Good luck,
    Dawn (Grandma8)
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    that I understand how awful it is to live where you are allergic to many things. The mold sounds like a really toxic situation and a real emergency. Hopefully you can get rid of it soon.

    Please accept my condolences, kezzluvscats, on the loss of your fur baby of 18 years. I know what a comfort my kitties are and have lost four of them in the last year and a half and life is different without them. I do know what you mean about the exhaustion of continuing through the wheels of life sometimes. I've been coping with FMS, DDD and chronic pain for over 20 years now and I am tired. Everything seems to take such a major effort! Hope your heart heals quickly.
  10. babyk902

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    ILoveGreen:I actually did buy the thieves and have it going as often as possible, along with other essential oils, but there are big cathedral ceilings in this house and i just don't know if its enough to fill the room :( Trying to stick with it and see what happens. I just have NO way to move out. I wish I was healthy enough to work so i had funds to move into another place, so right now im just really in a catch22. I'm also taking an anti-histamine that will hopefully clear up some of my issues, but who knows...

    Grandma8 -- I don't think its a MCS issue, although I did have that in the past. When we moved in we did have a black mold issue, but they supposedly "fixed" it but now we have other mold issues in different parts of the house it's just a nightmare. I honestly thought I had a tumor also because i felt SO out of it all the time, and just felt like i was poisoned or drugs, I just don't know how to explain it. I need to get out of this house, just not quite sure how :(

    thanks for the responses..