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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by padre, Nov 21, 2006.

  1. padre

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    I was wondering if anyone had anything similar to this. I have FMS. I went to a pediatrist to get arch supports for my shoes. Thought it would help my hip pain. The doctor was trying to take impressions and kept telling me to quit moving my feet. I said I was trying to be as still as possible. He said my muscles kept "firing". He had me go to a physical therapist to warm and message my legs, then gave me valium and tried again to take the impressions. He said, "your muscles will not relax!" He finally made the impressions and I got the supports. They did help, but I know my muscles do not stop twitching. What do you say? Does anything help you?
  2. ellikers

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    I have trouble with my muscles too, but not as serious. I find that stretching- doing yoga or just simple very slow and gradual stretches- helps loosen them up.

    So do hot baths and deep breathing exercises.

    Physical therapy or massage therapy might also help your body let go and release the tension and movement it keeps making.

    Anything you can do that is a relaxation technique can help your body.

    The strongest mechanisms are medications like the valium you took or the xanax I take when I am very panicked.

    I wish you healing and luck!
  3. mindbender

    mindbender New Member

    I've never actually seen you on, at least live that is.

    Your calm wit and solutions have been noticed. You write for a newspaper, is that correct?

    Did you find yourself more knowledgable, than he? Your Doctor I mean?

    I'm not a knowledge gu-ru, but your wit has been noticed.

    Can you post more often?

  4. padre

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    Dan - I appreciate the kind remarks, although I am not sure the whole world likes my wit. I do write a column that is read for its humor as well as its other content.

    As for my doctors -- I have had FM for almost 30 years, and growing pains as a child. I do a good deal of educating, including teaching classes at the local hospital for doctors and nurses. My studies have been at Harvard Med. School in holistic healing and also in CFS and Fibro. If you do not have it, I do not think you have a clue. I have only met a couple of doctors on track. My current rheumatologist will work with me and trys. He is in remission from cancer and so has an idea what it means to feel awful. I have found that we frustrate some doctors and challenge others. I'll take beng a challenge.

    Thanks to the rest of you. Your comments are helpful. I do not take baths, but my rheumatologit has encouraged me to find a hot tub or spa and use it.
  5. matthewson

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    Basically I really feel that this is the underlying problem that is causing us FMS'ers so much pain. I also can not relax my muscles, even when I sleep they are tense. In the morning they actually are the worst!

    I just got a prescription for some xanax and am going to get it filled and see if it will relax my muscles and help with pain.

    That must be why klonopin is popular with people with FMS. It is a long-acting benzodiazepine which works to relax your muscles.

    The only thing I could suggest is talk to your Dr. about klonopin. I think the other name is klonazepam? I am up early and am a little foggy! Sometimes Dr's don't want to prescribe it though as it is a heavy hitter that has a potential for abuse so they don't like to prescribe it. I got my prescription from my new psych. for xanax (same family of drugs)because I have anxiety attacks and the benzodiazepines help with those too.

    Hope this made some sense LOL! I am a little groggy!

    Take care, Sally

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