Canola Oil Dangers

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    check out my posting on the Health Board....
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    I knew it used to be called rapeseed oil (what a name!) and was toxic.

    Just did a little reading and found that traditional rapeseed oil was very toxic and banned for human consumption. It was used as an industrial oil.

    The Canadians came up with a less toxic form of rapeseed oil in the 1970's, but I still won't touch it.

    I use peanut oil and olive oil, and sometimes coconut oil.

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    educational all the way around....canola oil NEVER felt right for me, so I never ventured into it, but when I got out one of my Weston Price quarterlys today, there was a big article on The Great Con-ola which I didn't pay attention to years ago...

    The article is online....

    Could be the major cause of Macular Degeneration (blindness).,...many folks have used this oil for years..
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