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Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by lostsoul7039, Aug 27, 2010.

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    I've been depressed for about 6 years and I really get depressed when I can't decide what to do which is most of the time. I sold my house a couple of months ago for half price in Phoenix and move to Boise ID for 2 months then move to Oklahoma City and I have been here for 4 days and am I ever depressed. I want to rent a house but can't decide if this is where I want to be or what? I'm 63 years old and I have an Irish Setter. I might move to Maine but I don't think I will be happy, no matter where I move to so I better stay here. If I could decide what to do I think I would be less depressed.
  2. stick2013

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    I guess I just don't understand why you keep moving....or even why you are moving to these places. Did you pick these places based on any prior information, or advice from anyone? Did you just pick a place on the map, and move there???

    Being 63 I would think that you would want someplace to call home, somewhere you can feel a connection to. Travel yes, by all means travel if you can afford it, but having a place to call home, is important to feeling grounded, safe and secure. Well for me it is.

    I hope that eventually you can find a place that you can feel like home, stake a claim to, settle down, grow old and have friends....
  3. TigerLilea

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    >>>If I could decide what to do I think I would be less depressed.<<<

    I think you have that backwards. If you weren't so depressed, you would be able to decide where to live. You need to find a good doctor and therapist and work on your depression.

    Good luck to you!

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