can't digest anything

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  1. babyk902

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    my appetite is usually completely normal but once i get food in me, even if its not alot, i just feel like i can't digest it and i feel like im pregnant for the rest of the day or night!!! i take vitamins with enzymes and ive been taking cell food (which helps with energy tremendously), but what is up with my stomach!
  2. marti_zavala

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    My functional medicine doctor told me that if I feel bloated 1 hour after eating then my problem is low stomach acid (supplement with betaine HCL).

    If I feel bloated 2-3 hours after eating then my problem is pancreatic enzymes and the remedy is to take digestive enzymes during meal.

    I have chronic pancreatitis which may be worsened by low stomach acid.

    So I take betaine HCL before meal and pancreatic enzymes during meal.

  3. Catseye

    Catseye Member

    I agree, you want to get some betaine hcl. This is different from betaine, an amino acid, so be careful when you buy it. Start with one or two capsules (I use 700 mg) and increase by one every other day until you feel burning or uncomfortable. I'm up to 4 with every meal of fats and proteins. If you have a snack of just fruits or veggies, don't take it.

    If I eat a few nuts, I'll take just one. But if I have a meal with chicken and nuts and veggies, I need four now. It has made an enormous difference in everything. This means I can now absorb certain vitamins and minerals I couldn't before and can now digest fats and proteins.

    What happens is that in the beginning, we got so low on nutrients, we got starved for them. And digestion is a part of the body that needs nutrition to function, too. Zinc is used by the body to make stomach acid. But you can't absorb zinc without stomach acid. So see how you can get a vicious cycle started of low zinc, no acid, then no zinc? Once you have no stomach acid, or not enough to digest your food, then your digestion suffers even more, undigested food becomes poison and since you can't digest properly, you slowly starve to death. And you get all these wonderful symptoms as that happens!

    Also, the obvious, cut out all junk in case you haven't. And low acid can cause heartburn, too. One thing that did me in that I just realized when I found out about the stomach acid was that I had been prescribed acid reducing meds like prilosec for a long time. Everything is so crystal clear in hindsight, but now it's time to fix it. So far, so good.

    good luck

  4. woofmom

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    Manganese is needed for protein and fat metabolism. A sign of Manganese deficiency is pancreatic damage.
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  5. Waynesrhythm

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    Hi Babyk,

    You may want to consider vagus nerve involvement. I started a thread on relieving my own vagus nerve compression entitled <a href="">Cranial Nerves - Vagus Nerve - Digestion - Atlas Profilax</a>.

    I think Karen has gotten vagus nerve compression relief from going to a chiropractor, but not all chiropractors are good at doing these kinds of adjustments. Those who specialize in upper cervical chiropractic are usually better able to address vagus nerve compression. Atlas Profilax practitioners are not chiropractors.

    Best, Wayne

    P.S. Karen - I just got some Biotec enzymes delivered to the door about 15 minutes ago and took three about 10 minutes ago. I was in the middle of some PEM from doing a fair amount today, and can already feel a difference. Will update you on your PEM thread.
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  6. Catseye

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    I'm with Wayne, too. The vagus nerve controls many things below the neck, including digestion, and I felt very bad until I had mine adjusted. At first, I had to go every couple of days to the chiropractor. Now I go about every 2 weeks.

    Thanks for bringing that up, Wayne - if the vagus nerve is pinched, you will have problems. And a regular doctor won't ever have a clue.

    That's great to hear about the sprout pills, too, they're quite a find!

  7. woofmom

    woofmom New Member

    Arginine appears to increase stomach acid by stimulating the production of gastrin, a hormone that increases stomach acid. The presence of gastrin stimulates parietal cells of the stomach to secrete hydrochloric acid (HCI)/ gastric acid. Manganese is required to activate arginine.

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