can't do another day.........................

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  1. Jan39

    Jan39 New Member

    Feel like giving up here,its so so bad today, I want to keep going for my family and all the friends who have helped me ,but hell its so bad today :(
  2. Jan39

    Jan39 New Member

    Feel like giving up here,its so so bad today, I want to keep going for my family and all the friends who have helped me ,but hell its so bad today :(
  3. kats1978

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    or a least that is what everybody tells me when I feel like that, I am supose to have a job inv. today and my back is on a fit...I wish that my days were not like this but hay what am I supose to do?????????
    I mean somepoeple have the goodness of having a few kids and a husband that is very suportive, not here....I wish I was as lucky as you
  4. tedebear

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    Do you have a pain management physician? Call him/her up and explain the severity. If you don't have a PM physician, call the GP and tell him/her you need help.
    VERY VERY SOFT HUGS. Hang in there.
  5. tedebear

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    This is what my pain doc says. He is board certified.

    * Epiduroscopy is the use of a fiberoptic scope to provide direct visualization of the epidural space. Its purpose is to get a specific diagnosis of the soft tissue pathology in the epidural space and perform injections to the area. The scope is similar to that used to perform laproscopic gall bladder and pelvic surgery. The procedure is generally used in patients who have intractable back pain or sciatica that has not responded to other therapies.
    * Cryoanalgesia is a technique in which low temperatures are used to produce pain relief. The cryoprobe is based on the expansion of a compressed gas
    resulting in a rapid decrease in temperature and the cooling of the cryoprobe tip. The procedure can be used for treating perineal pain, lower extremity pain, and facial and cranial pain.
    * Fluoroscopic injections provide a real time x-ray image of the area being injected. Small doses of local anesthetic can be deposited onto specific locations on the anatomy to aid in pain diagnosis. Further injections or surgeries can then be directed to that area. Pain injections that require fluoroscopy or x-ray guidance include celiac plexus blocks, facet joint injections, selective nerve root blocks, radiofrequency nerve blocks, and epidural steroid injections.
    * Spinal cord stimulation is the electrical stimulation of a precise area in the spinal cord in order to block the transmission of pain. With this technique, an electrode is implanted into the epidural space using fluoroscopic guidance. The electrode is connected to an electric generator. Current is transmitted through the electrode into the spinal cord at the same level as the pain impulses are entering the spinal cord.
    No one should have to live with pain.

    He is wonderful. My #1 helper.
    Soft hugs.

  6. RoseTx

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    Jan, There are days for all of us when we just can't face another day of this DD. When those days come for me this is what I do: I pray that Heavenly Father will stay with me and guide me and give me the courage to just make it through the next 15 minutes. I set my kitchen timer and I focus on a picture of the Saviour. I bring up every happy memory I can think of and I put myself in those memories. I guess you might call it day dreaming. I project my entire being into that memory. I remember what each person said, what they were wearing, what the weather was like, ect. And almost like magic the timer goes off and I have made it through 15 minutes. I reset the timer and go back to prayer and then a memory and I do this until I see I can make it through the day if I only have to face it in 15 minute increments. I have said a prayer for you. I know this is an awful day for you but I know that Heavenly Father will be right there with you if you will ask Him to help you. (((((HUGS))))) Rose
  7. Jan39

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    thanks everyone for your support,it really is helping to get me through, ty Rosie for your prayers.....I know in my heart there are better days ahead,it's just fighting through this when you can't get out of bed or think about anything for the overwhelming depression& brain fog. I know Im not alone ty all ,love Jan
  8. Granolamom

    Granolamom New Member

    I am very new here but I just wanted to send you hugs and peace. We can NEVER give up. It is NOT an option!!!! Tell yourself that daily, hourly if need be. You will be in my prayer....