Can't do the treadmill no more

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by golden, Aug 21, 2003.

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    I did the treadmill for 2 months. My breathing got bad and had to take a deep breath every couple of minutes, every day, all day, even though I could climb 2000 feet in 40 minutes easy. Quit the treadmill about a week ago and now my breathing is getting better. The treadmill took away my crying spells, depression, and made my nerves stronger, Oh well. Had a growth removed from my spine in February of 2003 and in March, one day after a very light weight training at the gym, the nerve in my left arm almost drove me to the mental ward. It’s better now. So when I go to the gym and do a very light workout the arm bothers my a little. So last week after quitting the treadmill I went to the gym and did some easy leg presses and now the nerves in my left leg are bothering me. So no more gym period. I will do some long walks instead and hopefully that will not cause problems. After surgery, all kinds of crap can happen and you tell the doctors, and they just look at you with a blank face. So you really need you be a quantum doctor yourself and just try and help yourself.
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    It sounds like you are walking aLOT, maybe you could just back off to 5 minutes and build up very slowly.

    We can call you doc golden, I think more and more of us are just having to figure this out for ourselves. I know I need to keep a daily record so when I go to the doc I will remember why in the heck I called a week ago for an appointment.

    Sorry you feel like you have to give up the gym. I had to give up that idea years ago and have just gotten a stationary bike - I am up to 2 (yes, 2!) minutes now. I will add 1 minute each week, gonna wait to decide when I'll steady out.