cant get liquid morphine rx filled shortages again!

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    Hi , just wondering if anyone else is having trouble getting their morphine sulfate 20mg/ml IR filled this month? Pharmacy says they are having a shortage again and dont know when or if they will be able to fill it. I use three of these bottles each month and long acting pills also. The liquid helps me much more than the pills and I dont have the side effects with the liq. compared to the long acting pills. i had this same problem a couple months ago and was just wondering i f anyone else is . I dont know what i'll use now as ive tried about everything and have been on this for about 8 years so stopping probabely wont be an easy thing to do. Darn it find something that helpsfor the most part and now cant get it.. grrrrr hope all are doing good here(as well as we can huh) God bless
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    I am sorry I don't have an answer for you ... but I know some times my RX does not have the perc I need .. and I go to a Different one a wallgreens... they will call all there stores and find some for you ... they will even order it and have it for you in a day .. have you chekced at other RX's ?

    Best of luck..... it scares me that you may run out .. Don't think that would be good on your body .. as withdraw.

    Keep in touch ok...

    Spirit ~

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    I think it would be a good idea to let the doctor who is prescribing this know of the problem you are having. It's not that he can do anything about it, probably, but if you start having withdrawal symptoms, he/she will know why and possibly be more willing to help you, even if it means you have to go to the ER after he calls it and lets them know it is appropriate for them to give you something to help you.