cant handle 40 more years of this??please HELP

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by blkkat, Feb 7, 2007.

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    sorry so late but cant sleep ,in 10 + pain! sorry just another one of my pitty partys. i here alot of you here your in a flare,but for the last 10 yeares ive been soooo sick and for this past 2.5 years im lucky just to get up shower, do a load of clothes a week ,i have a family of 4,i cant cook ,clean,never shop and have o sleep alone. and thats with pain med,i take oxycodone 5mg 6x day,oxycontin 10mgs 2 x day, neurontin 100mgs 4 x day, clonazepam 1.5 mgs at nite, and 20 mgs prozac. and still feel like im being run over w/ a mac truck. sorry i dont get how some work , im sure alot dont have a choice. im so sick , i feel like i have the flu every day i have FM,CFS,IBS bulging disks ,3 in neck, 2 in lower back ,numbness/thingling in arms / legs , fibrofog, words that come out wrong.virtago, cant handle smells ,well ill stop im sure all of you are thinking boo hoo get over your self already. sorry needed a place to vent, vent to anyone in our lifes ,all they do is roll there eyes and change the subject. well thanks for listning. ill go to bed now.GOD BLESS-HUGS---BLKKAT
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    Reading your post, it just struck me because it sounds almost like I could have written it myself.

    I've found I"m feeling more and more like you have described. Nothing seems to go easy for me any more. I take tons of meds, just got put on a lidoderm pain patch with too high expectations that it would help my pain.

    I don't think your post is a matter of boo hooing and get over yourself. Your pain is real, your worries are real. Sometimes everything can seem overwhelming to say the least.

    Is there any type of support group you can go to in your area? Are you going to a pain management doctor? You more than likely are with all the meds that you are taking. Perhaps some of them are "working against each other" so to speak and that could be part of your sleeping problems. I'm just guessing, i'm by far not a medical expert on things.

    Can your kids help you out at all? My kids are 17 and 13 and I finally had to sit down with them and give them the hard facts. Mom does NOT feel good, EVER. Mom can only push herself so far and unfortunately that's not very far. You guys HAVE to step up to the plate, and then I gave them a list of chores that I had written out and that is what they have to do every day or every week. One is responsible for the dishwasher and setting the table, one is responsible for cleaning up the table and loading the dishwasher. That is their job, no hassle about it, they can't switch, can't argue, that is what I told them they have to do. They are also each responsible for their own laundry. I refuse to do theirs any more. I figure, they are big enough and intelligent enough to play video games and run a computer, then they darn well are able to run a washer and dryer. Maybe you could sit down and think about some of the chores that are hard on you and delegate your authority so to speak, you are the mom!!!

    If you ever ever!!!! need to vent, let me know. I don't know how you can post your e-mail on here or icq number etc, but I would love to chat with you and be a support for you. Sometimes I can't help myself very well, but I have always had a good ear for listening and good shoulders to lean on (even int he cyber world it helps to have somebody like that sometime)

    Keep your head up, don't look at the next 40 years as being horrible or that you can't handle it, try to look at it as hope that they will find a miracle drug or a miracle cure and we can all sit in our rocking chairs and enjoy our grandchildren and our lives. Never give up hope, sometimes that is all we have.

    Take care,

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    Just read your post, and feel soo sorry for you. I hope your family is understanding. That's the only thing that gets me through all this. Does your hubby help out with the house?

    I know it's hard to think of our lives continuing on at the stage we're in, but you still have a lot to look forward to with your kids growing up. My grandkids are the most wonderful things in my life right now, and I wouldn't want to miss their precious hugs and kisses for anything! The fatigue makes it hard to be with them often or do things with them the way I'd like, but they still love me, because this is the only way they've ever known me.

    Smiling is very hard to do these days, but our families still need to see us smile, and show our love for them. that's much more important than cleaning or cooking, etc. I honestly believe that!! So maybe you and I can work more in those areas and forget about what we can't do, okay??

    I will be praying that your days go better and you find a moment of happiness each and every day to latch on to.
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    i am soooooo sorry you feel this bad. i just went myself just through a very rough time and i truly can feel with you. Luckely i dont have these extreeeeem pains so much, i dont know what i would do....
    but just one sugestion: if you are taking pain meds, and you are still having such strong pains, they obviously dont help. try chaning them, ask your doc for Methadone.
    be aware , it is adictive and therefore docs dont like to prescribe it, but in a case of such severe pain, i would choose this option.
    if your doc dont want to prescribe it , find a doc in your area, which is recomended by someone here on the board.

    also, review all the side effects of the other medication you are taking. there could be adverse reactions making you worse.

    a very big but gentle hug

    have a kid too, know what it means. try to get them of you for a few days and than you have time to think how to tackle all need to reconsider your treatment options and a way to handle the whole need time for yourself!

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    I am so sorry you are going through this. I used to feel this way, but finally have some medication to push against those pains and blues.

    I would go fight to find the right treatment. Sometimes bing proactive gets you the help a person may need.

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    Hugs to all....I can relate to how you feel and as many others said, I could have written that myself.
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    I wish I could say I fully understand, but I've only been chronically ill since last summer. I know I went through a period of about two months of total exhaustion and such incredible pain that I began to feel hopeless, and thinking of the future was down right depressing...couldn't do anything but try to make it one day at a time...didn't want to think of a future of nothing but pain and exhaustion.

    Isn't it weird about smells bothering you...'cause they bothered me last fall, as well as noises. Every other word I said seemed to come out wrong. It's a strange list of symptoms to say the least.

    I'm a little bit better right now. I manage to function a couple of hours a day, and the Lyrica they put me on has helped the pain a good bit. So, I feel halfway human again. I guess I'll never be totally's hard to come to grips with that.

    I'm so sorry you are going through this day in and day out, year after year. Please hang in there. Vent here all you want.

    Soft HUGS,
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    THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKEYOU!!!! you dont know how you helped me!!! ALL of YOU!!! GOD BLESS-BLKKAT-P.S,im in wash.state,44,have a husband of 15 years, 19 boy & 14 girl, my son has FM real bad also. got a puppy to help get my mind off my pain, shes so cute,ISABELLA is her name . we got here at 10 wks old, shes 9 mths now. shes a chipin- part chuwawa-cant spell& minpin,,13 lb.of alot of love I LOV HER SOOOO much! even my 14 year old tom cat plays w/her. see alredy i feel better, i think all we relly need is friendship& thats so hard to find when were so ill!!!! THANKS AGAIN!!
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    God hug my friend who needs to feel your touch. Reach her deep beyond her pain and enfold her within your arms. I pray you will awaken those around her and bring them joy in blessing their mother and friend during this deep valley walk in her life. Bring her peace and strenght,courage and hope and above all love. Also lord bring to her all the information she needs to turn things around. Bring her today sunshine and hold back the storms filled with rain.I ask this also for all those who have come here hurting. God bless us all
    I ask this in Jesus's precious name...Amen

    Love and Hugzzzzzz Dee
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