Can't hold out much longer

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  1. EllieBo

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    It is getting hard each day and today was bad. My appt. with ssdi was an hour long and he said should hear in about 3 or 4 months. don't know. I told my family today I may not have my neck surgery the 31st. and may just go back to work I am losing so much money I can't survive on the little sick pay I get from work. Then with my law suit that can take for ever. Our case is the DR. didn't ask or even tell me what he was going to do before he cracked my neck twice in ER. and my husband was a wittness so more stress.I just want to sleep and not wake up and being a nurse I know ways to even make it look like an accident. Yes I know it is a sin but no other choice. so may not be back to talk. Thanks for your ears. ellie
  2. sheried

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    You are a nurse and you know how precious each and every life is. Please find someone close to you that you can talk to. You also know that there are medications that can help you with depression and anxiety. I beg of you to try this. Your life is worth so much to so many. And yes, even those of us here on these boards love and pray for you. We need you to be around to help us make sense of these DD's. Ask God to hold you in his arms and guide you through this terrible time.

    As always, you are in my thoughts and prayers,

    Hugs, Sherie
  3. Mikie

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    Sometimes just keeping on going is a huge leap in faith but it is never a mistake to keep going no matter how hard. Here on Earth, we cannot always see the forest for the trees; only God can and we just have to trust that everying will work out.

    My prayers are with you.

    Love, Mikie
  4. Hippen

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    Please find the strength inside to hang in there you are loved by many here on the board and by your family. Suicide is a permanent solution for a temporary problem. Threatening suicide as you know is a cry for help!!! We here at the board are trying to give you that emotional help because we care about you even though we have never met you. We have this connection because we all know how you feel. We all wish that we could help you in other ways by making all the bad stuff go away. You need to meet us half way......come to to us...and meet us with the faith that God gives us. You will get through this because you have no not give up this fight. Deal with each new day and then come here to let the stresses in your life go as you strike each key. Pray to St. Jude.....patron Saint of lost causes and hopelessness. You will find the strength that you need inside yourself to deal with each new problem that comes. Even though you are sick, your family needs you, we need you. Imagine us all holding hands in prayer together praying for an inner light that will shine through us all. We can overcome an obstacle because we are God's chosen people.....we have been chosen to help carry the cross of burden. Let us help you carry your cross of burden. Lean on us until you are strong enough to help others bear their crosses. Love, Hippen
  5. Shirl

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    Ellie, if you put it all in the hands of the Lord, He will take care of everything for you.

    Have faith............

  6. danny3861

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    Hello Ellie, You must know by now, that all of us here at the Worship board are very worried about you ,but at the same time we pray on overtime for you. We know that you have alot of issues in your life, as we all do. Please turn all of these things over to the Lord. Then start praising the Lord for the many blessing he must have bestowed upon you and your family. Do you have a Husband that loves you, do you have any kids that love you, any pets that love you.
    I know we have a Min pin, miniature pinscher, about 6 lbs., named Sucker, a name my kids gave her. That puppy, 6 months old, is a blessing by God. She gives us unconditional love. Sucker has total trust in us, and faith we will take care of her each day. This is the same kinda thing we must do with our Lord, and our Saviour- Jesus Christ. We must have total trust in faith that they have a purpose and a meaning for our life. Please try to think about the good things in your life. Some people think that if you become a Christian, it means your life will be easier. But my Pastor says that its no guarantee and in someways itsa harder, but we have the Lord to put our faith, and he will see us thru life ups and downs. But we must remember to praise his name every chance we get.

    Ellie we all love you, please just pray every chance get and thank the Lord for all he has done for you and his many blessings.

    In Jesus's name, amen.

    Danny in Texas
  7. Harmony

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    I also care and am praying for you! Even though life has gotten so hard for you, remember, nothing is too hard for God. He loves you and wants you to seek him. He is right there beside you, wanting to carry you through this life.
    You are never alone.

    I like Isaiah 58:9 "You will call and the Lord will answer, you will cry for help, and He will say": "Here am I".

    He has given you life and has a purpose for you to be here. Only God should take away our life in His timing. I'm sure your husband needs you and loves you too.

    Please get professional help. Do you have a church home, a Pastor who you can talk to?

    "God didn't promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow, sun without rain, BUT HE DID PROMISE strength for the day, comfort for the tears, and light for the way."

    Let God light your way, Ellie, He has a future here for you.

    Harmony (Gail)
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  8. Sandyz

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    Thinking about you and praying for you. Thinks will get better if you just sit tight and wait this out. Also, go back to the doctor and get your meds changed if they aren`t working for you. Something will work, you just have to keep trying. Please don`t leave us hanging like this, it really stresses us all out. Let us know how you are!
  9. ValleyGirl89

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    the same as the others. God loves you, and so do we! God can and will handle all of your problems ellie, but you have to trust in Him. I heard a preacher preach on worry not long ago and the preacher quoted Matthew chapter 6 verses 24-34. God does not want us to be anxious or worry, but to look toward the kingdom of heaven, He tells us that if we do look toward the kingdom of heaven then He will take care of our needs. If we worry, what are we saying to Him? We are saying well, God, I just don't think that you can handle this problem. I am guilty of worry and being anxious too as I'm sure most everyone is or has been, but it has never done me one bit of good and I just get to that point where I know that I can not handle these problems on my own, so I turn to the One that I know (without a doubt) that can take care of the problems for me. Trust In Him with your whole heart Ellie, fix your eyes on Him and don't look away from Him, then believe with your whole heart that He will take care of you and just like He promised, He will see you through!