Can't Lose Weight

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    I know this is a common problem for those with fibro and CFS.

    I was a very athletic person. Did treadmill every other day for 55 minutes. In between days did 2000 reps each day on the Cardioglide.

    Over the years, both my fibro pain has gotten unbearable and the fatigue causes me to have 0 energy for anything, much less exercise. Unless most people, I LOVED being active. Last week I went back on the treadmill and had a migraine for 4 days and my muscles were so bad I couldn't straighten up at times, or barely move. It was very depressing.

    My body is yearning for exercise. I have gained over 40 lbs. and am getting even heavier as time passes.

    Someone please help. I need suggestions badly. My rebound from any exercise is about 4-5 days, where a normal person is 1-2. It's driving me crazy. I don't eat much at all but I know it is impossible to lose weight without exercising. Plus the meds are no doubt contributing to a slower metabolism, as well as my age.

    I am losing my mind over this. Anyone with any suggestions, please write. I just can't go on like this anymore. My resting pulse used to be 63, great blood pressure and I could wear fabulous clothes.

    It really means a lot to me. I am very depressed.
  2. LostHearts

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    Thank you so much for the reply. I think the hardest part of this is restraining myself from just going full out. As so many of us, it's so hard to accept that we no longer have the same body as before. In fact, it feels sometimes like our bodies have betrayed us, especially since I worked so long and hard to stay in top shape.

    There have been some benefits and all those years have not been in vain, however. Sometimes when I stand before the full length mirror (not recommended, very depressing), even though the extra 30-40 pounds are showing, I can still see my athletic body underneath. If I took a marker and followed the inner lines, it is still there, trim and healthy. I think that it's the 15 years of exercise that have allowed that body to get buried, not "out of shape" as it were.

    I'll take your advice. I do walk to the mailbox everyday and some days it is very hard to do. I'll post my progress after a while.

    It's nice to know that folks here understand!
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    I know what you mean...I gained 70lbs and I am
    havig one hard time getting rid of it!

    baby steps....but dang, I want to look good not old and frumpy!!! UUGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I hate it.....

    I dont want to do the meds as they caused the *&^%$ weight in the first place. Only the ones I have to take..

    keep me posted

  4. LostHearts

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    What meds caused the weight gain? I know that Elavil is infamous for that, and have refused it for that very reason. Ditto Paxil. I am on:

    Cy??? (don't have it in front of me but it's an SSRI)

    Trouble is the drowsiness plus the fatigue (I wake up like I haven't slept at all and feel like someone beat me up during the night) often destroys my good intentions. I look at old photos of myself and weep.
  5. LostHearts

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    Sorry, I meant Soma.
  6. LostHearts

    LostHearts New Member

    Wish I could go somewhere to do that. I don't always have use of a car and/or sometimes feel so bad I can hardly move. Then there's the days I wake up with a headache :( and/or headaches that last for days. Even the meds don't really help.

    I cannot believe how my clothes from last summer don't even fit me now. It's not a question of eating; if anything, I need an appetite stimulant. And now most of the diet stuff is using Splenda, which I cannot digest and have a horrible intestinal reaction to.

    Can't win for tryin'. I have been pushing myself to be more active around the house, regardless of the pain. My husband is always saying "I'll do that" but I tell him no. The added pain is compensated by the feeling of accomplishment.

    We've bought a daybed to replace the old sofabed, which I had to keep open most of the time but it took up over half the living room. The daybed is perfect and has given us lots of open space so I can bring out my old machines again (cardioglide & Jake's Hip & Thigh).

    God, how I want my old body back! I realize that exercise is the most important aspect of losing weight. Is it true what they say about cortisol and stress? Because if so, my battle will be doubly hard.

  7. heathnicole

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    Hey there - I know how you feel Sharon and I feel for you.
    Anyhow I Am a personal trainer and nutrition advisor and I have CFS, FM, IBS, and Hashimotos. Needless to say I can't do anything anymore and working out use to be my life.
    My illness really hit me when I was 19- and I am 23 now.

    Just a thought but have to ever had your thyroid checked?
    Make sure they check all the levels including the the free t-3. I didn't see anywhere that you have thyroid disease listed. Anyhow CFS/FM both go hand in hand with hypothyroidism alot!

    As for working out- i find it a lot worse for me to do cardio verse some light weights. So maybe try the ball or some resistance bands . .be glad to help if you need some exercises to do.

  8. LostHearts

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    Yes my thyroid was checked and it is OK. Thanks for your reply.

    Think is, cardio is what takes the weight off. When I was well, I did cardio (treadmill) every day and then resistance (cardioglide-despite the name it's more resistance then anything) and I was in tip-top shape.

    I think that 20+ years of exercising has left me with a body shape where one can see the old body beneath the inches of fat covering it. Like I could take a knife and just trim the fat to reveal my old shape (yuck-what a thought).

    Was wondering about some of these fat burning pills on the market. Am desperate enough to try. Also the claims about calcium, almonds and green tea. Anyone have any idea about those?
  9. LostHearts

    LostHearts New Member

    Yes my thyroid was checked and it is OK. Thanks for your reply.

    Think is, cardio is what takes the weight off. When I was well, I did cardio (treadmill) every day and then resistance (cardioglide-despite the name it's more resistance then anything) and I was in tip-top shape.

    I think that 20+ years of exercising has left me with a body shape where one can see the old body beneath the inches of fat covering it. Like I could take a knife and just trim the fat to reveal my old shape (yuck-what a thought).

    Was wondering about some of these fat burning pills on the market. Am desperate enough to try. Also the claims about calcium, almonds and green tea. Anyone have any idea about those?
  10. millennia

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    I've gained about 70 pounds from this illness, or more specifically from the effexor they put me because it was clearly all in my head! I have recently lost 23 pounds though. So there is hope.

    First, I would try doing some sort of stretching exercises before jumping into something harder. That’s what I did and it really helped. I limited myself to 10 minutes of stretching a day. I did the warm-up section of a workout tape.

    Also finding the rights meds helps so much. First, someone on the board introduced me to calcium pyruvate. They said it helped their energy levels. I looked it up and body builders use it to help the body build muscles. Makes sense it would help us. It is very safe and found in common foods like apples. Second, I started mirapex, that has helped my pain levels immensely. I am actually not in any significant pain right now! What an amazing feeling after all these years! I know one of the side effects of mirapex is weight loss, but the majority of the weight I've lost was before I started it.

    The calcium pyruvate was life changing for me. I would recommend all fibro patients look into it.
  11. LostHearts

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    Wow, so there is hope!

    I have a question--since Miramax is new, I'm assuming it is expensive. We have no Rx insurance, so mostly the new drugs are not possible for me to buy. Also, please say that it isn't related to Topamax. I lost 8 lbs. on it, but paid dearly. Not only could I not stand the taste of food, but I also became schizophrenic. No kidding, paranoia set in badly. Couldn't even go to the grocery store without feeling like I was losing my mind. I would beg my husband not to go to work (!) because it was terrifying to be alone. What a horrible experience.

    But the other supplement you mention sounds promising. Thanks so much for mentioning it. When hubby gets his next pay (I'm on disability) I will invest in a bottle.

    May I say that everyone here has been most helpful. Apparently, it is a subject very important to all of us. It's not just the looks (although heaven knows we all enjoy wearing nice clothes that fit well) but for health reasons as well. Recently, my weight bearing joints are starting to bother me, and I'm sure some of it is due to the increased weight.

    Peace and love to you all.
  12. wyattsmom

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    I was very athletic, on a daily basis. I am grappling with the weight, too. I have recently started a low carb/South Beach type diet, and I am losing weight. I also don't hurt as much...I think it is the high protein part. I kept fighting with doing this diet, but I can't exercise the way I used to to lose weight. I don't enjoy eating high protein meals, but I honestly feel better, less aches, and less fatigue. I hope this helps... Bless you! I don't use the splenda...I just bought stevia but it isn't that great....I just cut out the sugar. Yes, I do slip and eat something really sweet, but I am still doing ok with the diet. I was reading your replies, I get week long headaches, too! I cannot get rid of them...
    Wyatt's Mom

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  13. Nakomis

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    I never used to work out ... I always got enough "natural" exercise. Between my kids, garden, housework, dancing, sports activities, and "nervous energy" (kind of a study in perpetual motion), I was always a few lbs underweight. Til I got CFIDS/FM. When my weight jumped from 115 to 200 in less than a year, I freaked and started taking aerobics classes 4x/week plus long "power" walks almost every day on top of what I was already doing. Needless to say, I was so exhausted I could hardly breathe, but not knowing yet that I was sick, I beat up on myself for being "soft". Now I know differently.

    When I got my dx and realized that all that aerobic activity was only making me worse and definitely not helping me lose weight, I turned to diet. For five years, I applied myself religiously to a common-sense, high-nutrition diet and got back down to 130. That didn't last long ... next thing I knew, I'd re-gained 40 lbs. And I hadn't slacked off, so I can't blame changes in my diet for the gain.

    That's when I discovered the joy of food allergies and intolerances. So now I just do the best I can with what I've got. I try to avoid foods I'm allergic to/intolerant of, which at least keeps me from feeling worse than usual. I'm not losing any weight, but at least I'm not gaining.

    The only exercise I still do is resistence; my legs are as strong as they ever were (I'm 52 and arthritic, but can still press 300 lbs with my legs). I also do a few minutes most day with light dumbells, and do a lot of stretches and flexes. I don't think this affects my weight any, but at least it keeps my muscles toned. I can't do Yoga (all that bending and folding makes me dizzy due to low BP), but I'm thinking about taking up Tai Chi.

  14. mlp1954

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    I sure can say I feel like you do. I have put on weight too, and it is so depressing. When I catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror, it is like YIKES IS THAT ME!! I dont have the energy to exercise. I am tired all the time, I do work full time, but there is nothing left after that. I wonder about those fat burning things they advertise so much on TV. Do any of them work? All that talk about cortisol and belly fat. I hate looking like this, and having to buy bigger clothes, but I have no energy to exercise and I dont eat that much. Would love to hear from you again. Pattie
  15. buckeyegal46

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    I have a Richard Simmons tape called "Sit Tight". All the exercises are done sitting in a chair. I haven't had the energy to try it yet, but one thing I'm really good at is sitting, so I have high hopes for the program!
  16. millennia

    millennia New Member

    Mirapex is a parkinsons drug. I'm not sure about topamax. I don't think mirapex is new, just new for this use. Have you looked into state health insurance? I get family health plus, free health insurance! I'm in NY, but Jersey probably has a simliar program. You should look into it.
  17. taniazcatz

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    I m also having trouble losing some weight I've gained in the last year. My 30 pound weight gain is from the birth control pills ( seasonale) that I started after I had my son last may. Since I've stopped taking the seasonale my weight gain has stopped but I haven't lost any weight hardly. I have started doing pilates about 3 weeks ago. So far I enjoy it. It doesn't exhaust me, there is virtually no impact, its just a lot of stretching and stuff like that. My abdomen feels a bit tighter than it did before I began pilates. If I start losing weight just from doing this, I'll certainly post a message and let everyone know. Good Luck. Remember, you're certainly not in this alone!

    Take Care
  18. Lolalee

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    Since many of us have CFIDS and cannot exercise, I think it is important to watch our diet. It really helps to drink lots and lots of water and also eat lots of veggies, salads, fruit, lean protein. It is also a good idea to eat small amounts of food every 4 hours to keep the metabolism active.

    The biggest temptation and, in my experience, the worst thing to do is to go on a fad diet that restricts what you can eat. I've lost weight that way but as soon as I start eating normally, the weight comes back and then some.

    Also, make sure you are eliminating (going to the bathroom) properly.

    I know how you feel Sharon. It is very depressing to me as well when I can't get into my nice clothes.

    Best of luck,


  19. halo52208

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    I was also hating my body as I am up to 220. All I could think about is how to lose weight. I felt my life passing me by and I was wasting hating my body. So I was given some advice that has helped me.

    First we need to love ourself before you can be happy with who you are. I had to look in a full length mirror at myself naked. I told myself that I loved my self for who I am, not what I am.

    What helped even more was a book I read by Joyce Meyers. It was called "Being The Person God made you to be". I thought that maybe this is who I am suppose to be, an overweight person. So now I don't look like I feel. I feel like a skinny beautiful human being. I know that because when I saw myself on video tape I was totally shocked at how big I was.

    Yes I still am trying to get a healther body, but it's not my top priority anymore. It has really changed my outlook on life. I don't want my kids remembering me as constantly trying to lose weight. I even was able to kick my depression most of the time. It still sneeks in once in awhile, but not a lot.

    I have read several times that just breathing right can help you lose weight. We are all shallow breathers. If you are breathing correctly, your stomach will go out before your chest. I have been trying to breath right when I can remember too. I do feel a little better and I stopped the scale from rising, so hopefully it will go back down now.

    Hang in there,

  20. Callum

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    I was so similar to you. Before I got sick, I would get on the stairmaster and do about an hour. During the summer I would walk 4 miles to the gym, work out, and walk 4 miles home. On Sunday, I would walk 20 miles when I could spare the time. It was like meditation for me. After I got sick with CFIDS, I would do five minutes of cardio, you know, to build back up, and that night I would feel "dry", and the next day I would start feeling tired, and within three days I'd be in the middle of a terrible cycle. And so, of course, I gained weight. I was 6'5" and 208 when I got sick, and eventually ballooned up to 290. What I have found that works for me (and, of course, everyone is different), is weight training. I now weigh 240, which is not bad at all for someone my size and build, and I did it all through weight training (12 years of CF, and five minutes on the treadmill can still send me spinning.) The secret was to break up the muscle groups. If I tried to work all the muscle groups on the same day, I would react the same as I would to cardio. I only work the chest & triceps on one day, back/biceps another day, shoulders another day. For some reason, most likely because they're such a large muscle group, if I try to do anything for the legs besides stretching, I'll trigger the CFIDS. Then, for cardio, I make sure that I walk when I can - never pushing myself to extremes. (And I try to avoid malls. I don't know what it is about "strolling", but after about a half-hour, I crash!) I really think this exercise regiment has helped me immensely.

    I hope this is helpful, and I wish you the best!